Written by Liam

2 Apr 2012

I probably already knew it but it was'nt until I was 18 and had passed my driving that I took the risk.Sexy undies of any kind was a secret that I harboured,I thought I was a right weirdo because when I wanked off I was more turned on by the undies being worn in the pictures,whether it was men in tight little briefs,I loved seeing them in tangas or pouches,I also liked seeing females in their undies,but it was the fact that I was more turned on by the men in their undies that was my big secret as was borrowing my mums mail order catalogue when she was out to turn myself on.

I knew that men had sex with each other in public toilets but would,nt dare use the ones in my local town for fear of being recognised,so when I got my first little car after passing my test I went to a place about 30 miles away,other than knowing that it happened I had no real idea what they did,I'd heard other lads talking about men wanking each other off and I used to say that was disgusting,but again secretly the thought turned me on.

On the first occasion I was petrified,all I can remember was going into a cubicle and finding the writing and drawings on the wall a massive turn on,I pushed my pants and undies down and within minutes was shooting my load against the wall,but I was caught by the public toilet bug,compared to wanking in my bedroom it was the best sensation of my life and yet when I got in bed that night I wanked myself off again,recalling the smell of the cubicle and the stories and pictures.

Within days I was in another public toilet,my cock was already hard and throbbing before I even went in.I was lucky just as I went in a chap was leaving one of the four cubicles,the other three were already occupied,the smell had already got to me,it was like an aphrodisiac,I was already trembling as I pushed down my pants and undies and started to wank myself,but this time I was taking it slowly,just long slow stokes on my cock,I wanted it to last.

It was as I wanked and read some of the stories that I noticed the piece of toilet paper stuck on the partition,talk about niaive,the minute I touched it it fell away,my first gloryhole,but of course by now the chap next door would have had a good view of me wanking.Then I thought maybe there isn't any body in there,I bent down and looked through,I remember being a little confused at first,I thought I was looking into the female toilets next door,I could see the white lacey bra,then he stood up slowly and as he did I saw the tiny matching pair of knickers,which except for covering his balls were hiding none of his manhood,it was the first time I saw another mans hard cock.

Seeing his cock was fantastic but seeing the tiny knickers with his balls moving inside them as he wanked was all my fantasies coming true.I watched as he slowly sat back onto the loo displaying his bra,even though the bra thing was'nt something I given thought to suddenly seeing a man wearing a full set was such a turn on my plan to wank myself slowly disappeared,I could'nt stop myself and anyway I'd already reached that point when you can't stop yourself spunking.

By the time I'd pulled my undies and pants back up there was a note passed through the hole,it said "that was lovely,love your cock,see you again".Within days I was back,this time I wanked myself off in the shower in the morning,I wanted my next encounter to last longer,it was and I was wanked off for the first time by another man,and even better, while he wore sexy undies and though at one time I had said such a thing was disgusting,it was the nicest thing that had ever happened to me in my 18 years,and it was only the start.