Written by Liam

3 Apr 2012

All I could think of for the next couple of days following being wanked off by the chap dressed in sexy female undies was wanting it to happen again,I wanked myself off 4or5 times just thinking about him doing it,right then I would have given anything to get undies for myself,I needed more than anything to experience either wanking myself off or being wanked off while I was wearing a bra and knickers,at least having found that other men also liked to wear sexy female undies made me feel less of a weirdo.

I was still living at home with my mum so had no chance of hiding undies,I dare'nt even wank while she was at home,when I was younger she caught me wanking once and and said it was a disgusting thing to do,she said I was filthy like my dad,saying it was the reason she got rid of him because she caught him doing it several times.

I started to visit more and more toilets,I was regularly wanked off by chaps who were invariably older than me,they made me feel really good about doing it.It took me a little time to wank off another mans cock for the first time but once I did it I wanted to do it more and more.It was through a gloryhole that I first watched a man sucking off another mans cock,interestingly the chap who was being sucked off was wearing a bra and knickers,and even though I had never up to then had my own cock sucked and I'd not sucked a cock,I knew right away I wanted to do it and knew I wanted to have it done while wearing sexy undies.

My chance came sooner than I expected,it was a week or so later and I'd gone to the toilet,just needing to be wanked off really.It was busy but I waited for a vacant cubicle,it was a toilet that was well known to the gay scene,they all had large gloryholes,there was eager cock waiting on both sides of my cubicle,there was already a lot of recently expelled spunk in evidence on the walls and the floor,I removed all my clothes as hands from both adjoining cubicles were keen to explore.

The chap on one side was nakedand had a very desirable body,beautifully proportioned cock,7 maybe 8 inches but my attention was drawn to the other side,he was dressed to satisfy my desires,a lovely snowy white bra and matching G String,I turned to him,his hand was soft and gentle as he expertly wanked me,the hand from the other side was a bonus as it explored my nether region.

It was my turn to feel the silky touch of his undies and slip my fingers inside the front of the G String which by now only contained his shaven balls.At first I was a bit disappointed when he pulled away,but not for long,his hand came back through the gloryhole holding a set of undies which matched the ones he was wearing,I could'nt believe my luck,at last my greatest wish was coming true,I could barely contain my arousal as I put them on,struggling a little with the bra.

Once I had them on,no way my throbbing cock would fit inside them but that did'nt matter,I needed more than anything else in the world to be wanked off,I more than willingly offered myself to his soft hand again and started to enjoy the kind of wank that I had previously only dreamt about.

I did'nt care that I knew it was'nt going to last for long,I knew it would only be a matter of strokes before he would wank me off,but I wanted it to happen,and when it did it was'nt an ejaculation it was an explosion,I could hardly believe my balls could contain so much spunk,it kept coming and coming,my knees had turned to jelly and just about stayed upright.

There was absolutely nothing left inside when he finished wanking me,I knew I should have been doing the same for him,but as another man he understood the situation.I removed the undies to return them,but my lucky day continued,keep them he said,you look good in them.

As I left the cubicle one of the chaps waiting replaced me,in my car I looked at and felt my newly acquired undies,I would already be wearing them on my next visit,I locked them safely in the glove compartment.