Written by Adam Kay

29 Oct 2008

I thought the chap in the boiler suit was well built,nothing like this.He was really muscular,very powerfull legs.You,re a sexy creature,he said,looking me up and down.That made me feel good.

He lowered a seat from the side of the van,come to me ,he said, as he sat down.I looked at him,you heard me he said,get off the bed and come to me,from now on you,re my slave.He saw the look on my face,I won,t hurt you he said.I got off the bed and stood in front of him,turn around slowly,he said.

I obeyed,over my knees he said as he reached and took my arm and pulled me downwards.I lay across his knees,my cock between my belly and his thigh. I felt his cock against my side,twitching against my skin.He moved his hand up and down my back and down the back of my legs then up between them. I could feel his deep breathing.

He pushed my knickers off my arse,his hand went between my legs,he took my balls in his fingers,these wiil empty when I say so,do you understand me,yes I whispered. He smacked my arse,I did,nt hear you he said,yes I said again,he smacked my arse twice,yes master,yes master I said. His fingers spread my cheeks apart,I felt a finger touch my hole,I felt my cock twitch against his thigh,this is mine to play with,he said,yes master I replied.

His finger left my hole,but was quickly back,wet now.he pushed gently into me,I liked that. His cock was twitching fast against my side. He pulled my knickers up and stood me up in front of him. My cock was standing straight out of my knickers,he slowly wanked me,looking into my eyes.He undid my stockings and pushed them down and off. His hand went up and down the inside of my legs,feeling my balls through the silky material,then back onto my cock wanking me again. He moved me backwards from him and spread his legs.

His cock looked massive,suck me he said,yes master I said as I got on my knees and took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth,he took the sides of my head in his hands and moved me up and down on his cock,grab my balls,he comanded. With a little difficulty I got my hand between his legs and found his balls,squeese them he said,I obeyed,his cock swelled in my mouth. He lifted me off his cock and stood me up.He removed my suspender belt and wanked me again.He took my balls in his hand and said,remember what I told you,these don,t empty until I want them to, yes master I said.

He leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth and sucked it deeply,don,t come off,don,t come off,I was telling myself. I was relieved when he released my cock from his mouth. He undid the ties of my knickers,they fell away. He turned me around and sat me on his lap his cock coming up between my legs pressing against my balls. He got his hand around both our cocks and wanked them both. My slave has,nt got a big cock,he said,no master I replied.

I like my slaves small cock,he said as he wanked me.Slave ,play with my cock,yes master. I took his cock and wanked him,wank me faster slave,yes master,I really wanked him.He grabbed my hand,he nearly came off,his cock was jerking against my balls. He took his hand off my cock and undid my bra,I was completely naked. His fingers played with my nipples,they hardened,his cock was throbbing between my legs. Wank me slave,yes master,I said. Again his hand stopped mine. He pushed me off his lap,stood up and took me from behind. He bent us over doggy fashion, his cock beating against my arse. He put his fingers in his mouth and rubbed saliva betwen my cheeks,then more onto his cock,with the size of his cock I was,nt sure about this.

There was an urgency about him now,his hand went back and guided his cock to my arsehole,his other hand wanking on my cock. I felt the head of his cock press into me,his body began to jerk violently,I knew he was coming. He had,nt got his cock fully into me,as he jerked it came fully out,I felt his hot spunk shoot between my cheeks,his cock desperatly trying to find its way back in. He was wanking me off,there was nothing I could do,his other hand grabbed my balls,empty he shouted,empty.I spunked,his cock was still banging against my arse. I watched my own spunk land on the bed,I smiled to myself.