Written by Darling Nikki

17 Apr 2008

I have been happily married for 13yrs and myself and my husband regularly talk fantasies during sex, his biggest fantasy is for me to have sex with another women (suprise suprise)but I am way to cautious to do anything even though the idea always gets me very horny, as we have 2 kids its very rare we get out together but recently we went to manchester for the day shopping and we were staying the night in a hotel, we had a few drinks during the shopping trip and later that evening we went the the hard rock cafe for a meal, cocktail followed cocktail and beer followed beer and before we knew it we were both very tipsy :) whilst we had been waiting in the bar area we played the usual game where we check out the singles and joke about whether they are gay or straight when I spotted a woman accross the bar, she was about 5ft 6, possibly a size 16 with a stunning shape to her body, she was wearing a loose fitting flowery blouse showing the top of her ample cleavage, I dont know if it was the drink or her look but I found myself staring a little too much and my husband spotted it, he joked by saying \"aye up, seen something you like\" and I laughed but the truth was yes.

My husband went to get another 2 drinks and I looked around the bar to see where she was gone, then I spotted her over to the right, she was sitting on a high bar stool and she was on her own drinking a tall cocktail, once again I found myself staring at her body and the way the white cotton trouser showed off her shape, I looked up her body and only to catch eye contact with her for a second, she was looking right at me and running her hand through her blond hair, she smiled at me but I quickly turned away in embarrasment, my husband returned and I tried to act normal, he put the drinks on the table and quickly popped to the loo, I was desperate to look over and casually turned my head and once again caught her looking straight at me, this time I held the look and she smiled at me so I smiled back, for the first time in my life other than watching porn I found myself getting wet just thinking about another woman and quite liked it.

My husband returned and I wonderred whether to say anything or not, I chose not too, knowing he would suggest doing more so I carried on my drink, after a few sips I needed to pop to the loo so I stepped down from the stool and walked over the to the loo purposely looking at the tv screen and not at her face, into the toilets and into a cubicle I went, as I pulled my underwear down I could feel the wet warmth coming from my pussy, I held it quickly and even considerred having a quick play but I managed not to, I finished in the loo and opened the cubicle door only to find her standing there looking straight at me.

I stopped and looked her in the eyes, only a few feet between us, \"I say you looking at me you know\" she said, \"eerrm yes i was\", \"did you like what you saw\" she asked \"cos I did\" she said as she stepped into the cubicle, placing her hand on my shoulder blade she lightly pushed me against the wall as we are the same height she stepped closer and instantly kissed, sshe pushed her body against me as her toungue snaked around inside my mouth, for a second I really didnt know what to do then my arms wrapped around her and down to her bum, my toungue met and twisted with hers and I felt my pussy juicing uplike never before, her right hand was on my right breast rubbing and pinching my erect nipple through the material, she ran her hand down my side and across my stomach down to my pussy, I was wearing thin cotton trousers a lace patterned knickers, I could feel every one of her fingers as she covered my pussy with her hand and rubbed through the material, I did the same and felt the shape of her bum as I mover my hand around to her pussy, she moved her hand expertly over the waistband and inside my knickers, her fingers slipped straight into my pussy and felt my rock hard clit, my legs bucked I bit her lip gently, I too took her lead and worked my hand round to her pussy, it was shaved very very slippery and I felt it gush into my hand with a sweet sticky juice, it seemed like hours we kissed by in was only a matter of minutes before my legs started to buckle and I felt an almight orgasm erupting inside me, I\'m no screamer but I felt like it at that point, as my body bucked against her hand she cupped me and slammed my body against the cubicle wall as it ripped through me.

She pulled her hand away and lifted her wet fingers to her mouth and tasted them, within seconds I felt her legs clamping around my hand and she to came quickly.

Breathing heavily and without saying a word I composed myself and left the cubicle just looking back over my shoulder, no names, no goodbye, I walked out of the toilet and over to my husband who was standing with a waiter holding menus ready to take us to our table.

The question I know had was do I tell him what happened and if I do, what happens for the rest of the night.......we took our seats at the table and without saying anything I leant over and kissed him, he asked me what that was for and I raised a finger to his lips....he smiled as he obviously noticed the sweet musk of pussy juice on my fingers......TBC