Written by Colin

30 Nov 2011

I'm a married guy,but I've had a few gay experiences,nothing serious just a bit of toilet fun,I work for a finance company so get about a bit.A few weeks ago I was calling on a potential client at an adress in Leeds,an appartment block.

I knew he was expecting me so I was a little peeved when it took him so long to answer the door,it was my last call of the day and I was keen to get back to my hotel.I did'ntknow what to think when eventually the door was answered,it was a young guy in about the skimpiest pale yellow pair of briefs possible,to be honest I did'nt know where to look and all I could think to say was I'd call back later.

That would be nice he said in a sexy little voice,I'm trying to remain professional but nevertheless I'm having flashbacks of some of the guys I've had sex with in toilets,I always found skimpy undies a massive turn on.

I fumbled in my briefcase to get some documentation out,I'll leave these with you I managed to say,you can be looking through them,he's not helping by casually touching the front of his briefs in what I can only describe as a very erotic manner,almost forcing me to look.

He took the papers from me,looked at them and said sorry thats not me,I thought you were just trying to sell me something.He handed me back the papers and I felt a total idiot,but the offer still stands he said,I'd like you to call back later,again the suggestive touch on his briefs.

I decided to go straight back to my hotel,but already something inside was stirring.In the shower I'm left with a couple of choices,do I wank myself off and forget it or do I do what the hard cock in my hand is begging me to do.

I'm in a strange town,I'm suddenly gagging for sex,in the past when public toilets were available I'd be straight to one of them for a bit of sex fun,why just wank myself off,no contest.

I too am a briefs man,so much sexier than boxers,my body might not be as toned as it once was but I still keep myself fit,I've got a fair sized cock,just under eight inches and right now,hard in anticipation of an immenent fuck,was refusing to stay inside my briefs,I knew that if I did'nt get dressed and go I'd end up wanking.

I'm suddenly thinking as I'm making my way back to the appartment that perhaps it was just a wind up,perhaps he just likes to flaunt himself,I've come across a few of them,as a matter of fact it was how I first started having sex in toilets,it was a lot about wanting other men to see naked a throwback from my school years when one teacher in particular would make me run around the track for detention,only when there was only me,and then would watch me having a shower,I occasionally deliberatly got myself on detention with him,I enjoyed showering while he watched me,I can still remember him saying,you're being naughty,in a girly voice when I would start to get an erection.

He'll not answer the door I kept telling myself,I knocked anyway,he could see through the little spyhole who was there.Just a minute he said,I'd already started to shake,thinking what the fuck am I doing,I did'nt have a hardon but was definitely at semi status,I could feel the tightness in my briefs.

The door opened,the little briefs were gone,only to be replaced by a pair of lacey see through side tied spotless white little knickers,the outline of his cock still in a flacid state visible,can I help you he said,a smile on his face,his hand going provocatively to the front of the knickers,he looked at the front of my pants,I think you're a big boy he said,come and show me,he opened the door fully and I'm in a nicely furnished room the door closing behind me.

Make yourself at home he said,I'm having a glass of red showing me the bottle,yes please I'm saying,why not make youself more comfortable he said,I never wear anything more than the bare essentials around the house and mostly that is nothing.

I'm sitting in an armchair,he places the wine beside me on a little table,we are a shy boy he says,getting on his knees and removing my shoes.I could feel my cock harden,there was no stopping it now,he looked into my face then undid the zip of my pants and put his hand inside,we are a big boy he said as he felt it already out of my briefs.

I lifted my bottom off the chair to let him pull my pants and briefs off in one movement.He put one hand under my balls and took my cock in the other hand,looked briefly into my eyes then lowered his head took it in his mouth and started to do long slow sucks on it.

I was so taken with watching and enjoying him suck on my cock it took me a minute or more to notice that his own cock had exited the waistband of his knickers and was standing proudly up against his tummy.

He stood up,he was'nt very tall and his cock was directly in my face,he reached for the ties on the side of the knickers and released them,they fell away.He put one hand on the back of my head and holding his cock in the other pulled me forward onto it.It was'nt as if I had'nt sucked a cock before,I seemed to be just a bit out of practice,but once its in my mouth I was away,my hands going onto the cheeks of his bottom holding him in position as I tongued and sucked on his willing cock.

We interupted proceedings to remove the remainder of my clothing and sip our wine,you've done this before he said,more as a question.As we slowed down and just played with each others bodies he asked me to tell him about what used to happen in the old toilets,he'd never had the opportunity to have sex in one.

He said that he'd heard stories of how men would be completely naked in the toilets and how group sex occasionally took place,I told him of the few times I'd actually taken part in group sex kind of orgy,with naked men wanking,sucking and even fucking each other in a group session.

He asked me how I'd first started to go to toilets and I told him about the teacher in school and how I developed this need to have other men see me naked and of course that progressed after I let the first man wank me off in a public toilet,then of course I wanted to know how it felt to watch and feel another man coming off.

He wanted to know if it was true that men had sex in public toilets dressed in girls undies,I told him it was a fairly common practice and that I personally was turned on by both men in girls underwear and men in neat sexy mens undies.

All the time as we sipped another glass of wine and told each other stories of our sexual encounters we continued to take time out to wank and suck each others cocks.He was completely shaven,except for the hair on his head his whole body was silky smooth,I explained that I was married and even though my wife shaved off her pubic hair,it was still something that married men did'nt do,I trimmed my pubic hair as close as possible and I would love to feel how it felt to be completely smooth.

I wondered how he'd react when I said I was married,I'm glad you're a married man he said,that way this is just sex and we can both relax and enjoy it.He wanted to know if being married I did anal sex,I told him it was something my wife enjoyed as much as I did even though I'd not told her that I'd many times had anal sex with other men,he wanted to know which I preferred and if there was a difference.

I told him I did actually prefer it with men,I suppose because usually you are wanking him at the same time,or you're being wanked if its you being fucked.We both knew this was all a build up,once or twice we had to stop as one or the other of us went a bit too close to coming off.As you're my guest he said as it was beconing abvious we were not going to be able to control things too much longer,do you want to fuck me or do you want me to fuck you,we'll both be spunking anyway,I'm really struggling now to hold on.

I want to fuck you I said,I don't get too many opportunities these days and I want to fuck you anyway,he went in a drawer and got a condom out,not coming off as he rolled it over my cock took a supreme effort,he handed my KY gelly and bent over supporting himself on the little table.

He had the most gorgeous pink puckered lovehole,no hair,visibly twitching in anticipation,he was supporting his weight on one hand as he continued to wank himself with the other.With the KY aplied I very gently inserted at first one finger,then two,then more KY,memories were flooding back.

At first there was a little resistance,but thats nice,he was tight,the head slipped inside and all I could think of was hold on,hold on,he understood he waited.Slowly I pushed forward deeper and deeper,moving my arm around his waist to take his cock from his hand,thrusting became involuntary and I felt his cock in my hand jerk and jerk again.

Our spunking was simultaneous,me deep inside him,he onto the table and the floor.We took our time to disengage and enjoyed a long leisurely shower together,we remained naked and sat talking as we supped another bottle of wine,the conversation returning to sex.

Back in my hotel I phoned my wife and told her I would'nt be home for at least three days due to the pressure of work,she did'nt seem too worried,I know she uses a rabbit when I'm not there,now I too had found a rabbit.