Written by Chas

28 May 2012

I,m from manchester my aunt looked after me for as long as I can remember,she is an older woman who did,nt have her own kids.The only thing I knew about sex was what Id heard from other lads who used to give me a hard time anyway.Im one of these lads who is small and young lookin for my age,I,m 21 now but everybody says I look a lot younger.

I moved to live in Blackpool 2 yrs ago,Ive got my own flat there now.When I first went there I stayed in a cheap b&b place and when I was a bit short of money I sold my body.

The old chap who owned the place and lived there and said I could stay on there for free came in my bedroom one night.There was a sex channel on the telly in my bedroom,it was all gay things and I dont know if thats when I started to get feelings about having sex with a man or if I was gay anyway.

I would spend time in my room with nothing on watching them having sex,mostly at night before going to sleep and I,d wank off usually lying on top of my bed,then one night Ted the old chap who owned the place come to my door whem I,m wanking,he said he needed to talk to me,I said to hold on but he just came in anyway there wasnt a lock on the door and I hadent bolted it .There was nothing I could do even before I could get under the bedclothes he was standing there looking at me.

At first he pretended like he had,nt even noticed even though I was just about to cum and he could,nt have not seen my hardon.He saw that I was looking at thr sex on the telly but again said nothing.He said it was about my rent he wanted to know if I was going to get a job soon,he was sitting on the side of the bed and as hes telling me that he might have to ask me to leave he started to put his hand under the bedspread.

Again my size and how young looking I was came up and that he didnt want to think of me on the streets of blackpool where good looking young lads could get taken advantage of.

It was as if he was,nt doing what he was doing,my hardon had gone down but when I felt his fingers touching my thigh it started to harden again.It was the first time I was doing sex with somebody else,one half of my brain was saying no but the other half was wanting him to carry on doing it.I do,nt remember much of what was said after that because I could feel his fingers moving to my groin,I had a hardon again,I remember on the telly that a couple of chaps were sucking on each others cocks,so what was happening with me didn,t seem wrong.

He pulled the bedspread completely off me,I was lying there on my back my cock hard onto my tummy.Then he was all over me,to be honest I can't remember exactly what was happening,I know that he stripped off and I can remember that his cock looked massive,it was fully hard and again back to my own size,I knew from the things on telly that I was,nt big in that department but thought that it would be like that on telly,but I must admit seeing the size of his and also how his balls hung down was almost scarey.

We had sex,after mucking about with each others cocks for about ten minutes he took my cock inhis mouth and sucked me off,then he put his cock into my mouth and was,nt giving me much choice I had to keep sucking him til he filled my mouth with his spunk,he held my head on his cock until I'd swallowed,it was,nt as bad as I thought.

Over the next couple of weeks I regularly sucked his cock off and he sucked me off,I started to look forward to it.There was also a couple of other GUESTS that were willing to part with a few quid to have me wank or suck them off.

I got a job in a local supermarket and got my own place and up to last week settled for just wanking myself off,but last thursday with the weather so hot and even though I live in blackpool I went on a day trip to Southport,Id heard about the sand dunes along the coast there....