Written by Anothercocksucker

1 Feb 2010

I've been reading stories on here for 3or4 yrs.I read the gay stories out of curiosity,I don't remember then doing a lot for me,maybe the occasional hardon.I,m a 24 yr. old guy who always thought of myself as hetro,not that I was getting too many invitations into bed.All men fantasise about having their cocks sucked,it was definitely one of my fantasies but I wasn't thinking of another man doing it.

I was doing some relief work for my firm last year away from home,I was staying in a hotel a bit out of town.On the second evening I went into town for a drink,didn't know anybody,I was all alone.On the way home I got a bit lost,I,d just walked past some gents and realised it might be a good idea to have a piss,the place was isolated,I was surprised they were open.

There was just a late evening light,I was stood at the stalls realising I was probably a little bit drunk.As I finished having a piss and squeesed and shook my cock just about to put it away Iwas aware of a sound behind me,I hadn't realised that anybody else was in the bog,I looked around and saw the door of the cubicle behind me move,I could hear faint breathing.

For some reason I didn't put my cock away,probably the drink,I knew of course that whoever was in there was there for just one reason.Nothing happened for a minute or so,I still stood there with my cock in my hand feeling it begin to get hard,I'd not had a wank for a couple of days.I knew from the sound behind me that the door was being opened,then a little cough,I couldn't resist it,I had to look.

He was sitting on the loo completely naked,his clothes neatly folded on the cistern behind him,which he was lying back against.His legs were wide apart and in his hand was an absolute humdinger of a cock,not a bit of hair in sight,as his hand moved up and down its length his hairless balls tapped on the loo seat.I can't remember what I was thinking but I turned fully around and watched him,holding my own cock in my hand,anybody could have walked in.

He obviously assumed I was there for the same thing,he stood up and came to the door,he could see my nervousness,I was looking towards the door.Its completely safe he said,I come here regularly,I've been here an hour and you're the first this evening.

He moved closer to me,he was probably in his 50s,I could smell his aftershave,where it was coming from I wasn't sure,he took my cock from my hand,my knees nearly buckled,I gulped air,you,re a hot young man he said,and was I suddenly hot.I made absolutely no attempt to resist him as he backed towards the cubicle,holding my cock and taking me with him.

It was a bit darker in there but it was roomy,he started to undo my jeans,again I didn't stop him,he pushed them to my ankles and waited for me to step out of them,he reached for my briefs and pulled them down again removing them,he took my balls in one hand and wanked me with other,the only thing I could think of was not letting myself come off.

He knew the score,he stopped wanking me,he lifted my shirt up and over my head,all I was aware of was the way my cock was jerking and throbbing.He pulled me onto him and rubbed his cock hard against mine,again I had to stop myself coming off.He put his hand between our bodies and took both our cock in a tight grip and wanked them both.

He realised my predicament,he got on his knees and put my cock as deep as he could into his mouth,I don't know if he was sucking or blowing or both,all I know is I was filling his mouth with my spunk,I could feel the heat of it overriding the heat of his mouth,I also realised I was holding his head onto my cock and I was actually fucking his mouth.He kept sucking me until there was nothing left.

He unrolled a handfull of toilet paper and handed it to me to dry myself,then handed me my clothes one by one,watching me get dressed.As I left,not having yet taken in what I'd just done,he said I,m here most evenings.As I hurried away I had no intention of returning,but I did.I sucked my first cock the following night and during my 4 weeks of my stay I've lost count of how many others I sucked off.I got to know the other chap well and we occasionally got involved in multible suckings.