Written by Harry_22

29 Jan 2013

Chatting with some like minded pervs on here recently reminded of an episode a few years ago now, I am not sure if I have shared the story before.

I always get a little naughty when I wear undies and the like and this day I had decided that I was going to slip some on under my normal clothes and head off to work. It was not done as a plan, but as I walked into town I could see the toilets looming by the cricket ground. Being near the town centre, they were generally busy, but it quarter to eight in the morning and misty so I figured I would drop by.

I stood at the urinal for a while opened my fly and just rubbed my cock, tucked in as it was in my yellow lacy knickers. It was pretty cold so I was not too quick to get hard, but it was peacefully quiet and as my dick urged me to let it get to full mast, I opted to go into a cubicle. This is definitely the sort if thing you cannot get away with today, but I dropped my trousers to my ankles and let the door shut behind me, but did not lock it shut. My heart raced when I heard footsteps and I let my ears follow the sound of some one coming in and having a wee before washing their hands and leaving. I was wanking my hard cock the whole time, my heart rate through the roof with a mixture of excitement and fear of being caught. Time seemed to go very slow and I thinking that I might make myself late for work when footsteps again distracted me!

I slowed my wanking strokes so I could hear properly, there was no noise. Just as I was starting to think I misread the noised and that no one was there, the door edged open a fraction and a eye peered in. I carried on wanking knowing that I was giving the watcher a show and soon I heard the unmistakable knocking of his hand on the door as he was wanking too. I opened the door and stepped back letting this guy into the cubicle. He shuffled in so the door could shut and I whispered at him to lock it. He ws younger than and heavy set. He wasted no time in rubbing me up through my knickers and I wasted no time reaching under his shirt to check out his cock. It felt thick and fit very nicely in my hand. His foreskin pulled back with my wanks and he breathed out hard as his wandering hands finally reached my hard on too.

He pulled and squeezed my cock, just on the border of being too rough and I continued to stroke on his cock. It seemed to get harder in my hand though its size did not change any. I kicked my legs apart, nearly tripping on the trousers at my ankles and knew that I was getting too horny! I had to be at work soon and all that was on my mind was his cock! I moved him back and sat on the loo seat, leaning forward to offer him my mouth. His was thick like I thought, but this close up it showed itself to be only about 4 or 5 inches long. I was far from disappointed by this and was happy that he pushed it straight in.

Despite its length it was still quite awkward to cope with him all in my mouth, his girth made my tongue reflex and his trimmed pubes tickled my face! This was not going to be a problem for long though, he was clearly as turned on as I was and after a couple of slides in and out of my mouth I felt his body tense as he readied himself for his orgasm.

Now in those days I was not into swallowing but I was still partial to a spunky mouthwash. I locked in place and this allowed him to jerk his body, fucking the few vital inches in and out between my lips needed to bring him off. He held his breath and amidst the frenzied in and outs my mouth filled up with his come. I sucked on him checking that I got all of him and then I pulled back, stood and turned, lifting the seat as I did and dropped his load into the loo, I felt him reaching around me so I stood up and let him take hold of my hard on once more. I lifted my shirt and watched him wanking me. I took even less attention than he needed in my mouth and I gasped as I saw my spunk fly from me landing all over the loo.

His final touch on me was to pull up my knickers and by the time I turned around he was gone. I did not see him again, the same way I had not seen him before, a brilliant sex encounter!