Written by trainman

13 Jul 2010

A few yrs ago I was on holiday in Sitges, Spain. I'd heard from a couple of friends about a gay bar... leather, denim, dark rooms, gloryholes....so one night after being on the beach all day I decided I'd try it. In my Hotel room I put on a leather studded cock strap, tight round my cock and balls, my worn black leather workboots, some tight white nylon shorts then worn denim jeans with a black leather belt and a white tshirt.

10 mins later i walked thru the door at El Horno....a long l-shaped room, with stairs to one side. It was pretty packed with loads of clones... lumberjack shirts, leather guys, denim... loud music and everyone shouting to be heard. I ordered a beer, stood at the bar looking round, made eye contact with a few guys then wandered upstairs. There was a TV in the wall showing porn, beer crates stacked against the wall, a doorway at the back leading, I guessed, to the dark room....it just looked pitch black, (not my thing....too dark...I like to see and be seen). But what got my attention was the room in the middle of the floor.... like a cube with 4 doors, one on each side and holes in each wall. It was like 4 cubicles had been put together to form a square with holes in each wall and holes in the interior walls too. I leaned down and looking thru one of the holes saw a guy stood wanking himself and wanking a cock shoved thru a hole from one of the other cubicles.

I stepped into an empty one, put down my beer, locked the door and couldn't wait to strip off. I stood there bollock naked xcept for my shorts, boots and cock rings. Took a swig of beer and sure enough a hand came thru from one of the other cubicles. Reaching across for me, I stepped closer so he cld feel my cock thru the sexy nylon material of my shorts and the studded cock ring underneath. I watched as he stroked the outline of my cock then felt a hand on my arse. Another arm had come thru from outside and was caressing my nylon clad arse cheeks. My cock was beginning to swell and i was feeling really horny with all the attention. The guy next door tugged me towards the hole and tried pulling my shorts down at the front. I stood where I was, moved his hand away and when I saw his eyes at the hole I slowly slipped my shorts down for him, wanking my cock and playing with my balls, giving him a sexy show as I knew he wanked. The guy outside was still stroking my now naked arse cheeks and I saw someone watching thru another hole. When my shorts were off I walked over to the hole and slipped my cock and balls thru, the hole was that large. My naked arse was still being fondled as the guy next door began slowly and gently sucking me, tugging my balls as he pulled me deeper down his throat. The guy outside was trying to work a finger up my arse which only made my cock stiffen and swell even more.

I had to take a hit of poppers to relax myself otherwise I'd have cum at that. The guy next door was definitely trying to drain my balls but I wanted to last and make a real night of it so after 10 minutes I pulled away from him and knelt at the hole. He watched then stood up and slid his cock thru...I tugged at his balls and a massive sac came thru the hole, his ball bag was about 4 inches in diameter and heavy...his cock thick but not long. I licked the end then took the whole shaft in one go as I fondled and stroked his big balls. From the corner of my eye I saw a cock slip thru another hole from the cubicle next to me which I grabbed and the guy outside still watching. It was a fantastic set up....4 cubicles which all interconnected thru the holes and all the cock outside the cubicles.

The best thing was that everyone knew why they were there....for cock.

I knew there were guys wanting to get into the cubicles but I was selfish....there were three others after all. I stayed in there for over two hrs, sucking and being sucked, felt up and fondled but never came off. When I did come out, for a break, I didn't bother getting dressed...I figured i'd be going back so what was the point? And anyway going downstairs half dressed who knew what might happen? I put my jeans n tshirt under my arm and walked down the stairs in my shorts and boots to get another beer. Most of the other guys down in the bar were fully dressed... I was the one wearing the least...which turned me on no end. So when I stood at the bar with my beer I felt a couple of hands caressing my arse thru the nylon which gave me such a hard on. I turned and leant back against the bar as one guy stood in front of me, squeezed my cock hard thru the flimsy material and kissed me as another guy rolled and pinched one of my nipples.

One of them started to slide my shorts down and I thought they'd strip me completely, down there in the bar. That made me so fucking hard and horny with about 30 or 40 other guys in there but I told them no and they both laughed. One of them then led me to the back and the toilets, the other followed. When we were in there they slipped my shorts down so I was completely naked... one got down on his knees and began sucking my stiff cock, pulling my balls down as the other chewed my tits and kissed me. It was so horny with the smell of spunk, piss and aromas in there and I'd been waiting all night to shoot so when the guy sucking me started to nuzzle my balls and slip a wet finger into my arse I told them I was gonna shoot. They both squatted in front of me sucking my cock... one guy reaching up and twisting my tits as I stood with my hands behind me as if I was tied, ankles spread wide as they licked my thighs and balls. As the guys finger slipped a little further in and my tits were pinched I leaned back and just let go as a stream of spunk shot into one guys mouth... his eyes closed as he gagged on it, he took my cock from his mouth and coughed, but kept tossing it as I shot a stream onto the face of the other guy who took my cock deep, sucking hungrily till he'd drained my balls.

I was totally exhausted as they both stood up, wiped my cum from their faces and kissed me goodbye. I leaned on the washbasin, splashed some water on my face, washed the cum from my cock and balls then slipped my shorts back on, picked up my clothes and went back upstairs.

It was only 2.30am and the place was heaving.

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