Written by sdevonrob

12 Jan 2010

I was doing my best to hold back the orgasm as I wanted to experience the maximum pleasure from the deep penetration I was receiving from "Handy man" and to help I allowed my attention to focus on "Driver man" who had joined us fresh from the shower. He came over and with a practised flourish removed his robe revealing some very generously prportioned equipment. I reached out and firmly grasped his dick and pulled him towards me. I ran my tongue round the large purple head and within seconds his whole shaft had hardened and he started to thrust in time with his partners movements. I was in heaven, sucking on a hard dick at one end and being expertly fucked at the other. I grasped "Driver mans" balls and gently applied pressure at the same time as taking his shaft as far down my throat as possible whilst sucking him. The tempo was hotting up as "Handy man" was pumping faster and I now knew that I couldn't hold back any longer. The climax could not have been timed any better as I could feel "Handy man" explode in a series of bodily jerks as he released the contents of his balls at the same time as I did the same. My efforts were now to no avail and whatever control I had up to this point was now gone and I was cumming in waves. My manipulation of "Driver mans" dick in conjunction with the visible signs of the orgasms taking place at that moment was sufficient for him to follow suit and I don't think I have ever been on the receiving end of such a volume of seminal pleasure. The power of the ejaculation as it hit the back of my throat nearly choked me , so much so I withdrew and felt hot cum splashing all over my face and chest and hands - I was drenched.

But I was in heaven, I seemed to glow as I had never experienced such a series of pleasurable feelings with this stunning degree of intensity before. It was clear that these two guys were used to performing as a pair and had the sexual stamina to put a lot of guys to shame. Without discussion the two guys swapped roles and within minutes I was again being subjected to another most enjoyable spit roasting albeit the pace was a little slower. Their apetite for sex was admirable and any comparison to a pair of horny rabbits would be an accurate description.

With the exception of a couple of natural breaks there was no indication that anyone wanted to stop and what started out as a quick lift home ended in an exceptionally enjoyable afternoon of being banged in a multitude of ways by two very able and experienced guys. Over the next few month I saw David and Jonathan a few times before they moved to Cambridge, and had many more very pleasurable sessions with them. And although I never again experienced the same erotic intensity as our first meeting the prospect of that happening again in another similar encounter still excites me.