Written by Georges

24 Oct 2011

At the start I became a bit scared but suddenly I felt his cock in me slowly his hands over my ass pulling my bottom cheeks apart. It all became a bit hot and indeed my butt was becoming warm meanwhile his cock was sliding slowly in, then pulled out slowly and back again. He was very caring and did not attempt to put the whole length in. So only his cock head was trying me..

I pulled a pillow to me and placed my head over it and heard his certainly naughty expressions still in chinese but I did not mind it because I did not understand anything. I then felt that he was raising on his legs to fuck me better and he accelerated his pace going in and out but not entirely.

The heat in my butt became excessive and I was really enjoyed it.

After 20 minutes he pulled out and I laid myself over the bed sheets asking if there was any problem. He said he had cummed so much before that he would not do it again so promptly.

Well it was bad to me but after all I had passed my own examination. I went to the bathroom, washed my body, dressed and said good-bye to him. He was seating on the bedside and said again he was so sorry but did enjoy it.

He asked whether I would be back on the next Friday but it was a bit too early to take any further commitment.

So we would probably text each other.

In reality I did not return because I had been busy. Anyway I was now thinking what else I could experiment. If anything happens I will certainly return to this site to give you details. Thanks for reading.