Written by White van man.

2 Sep 2011

As a van delivery man I get to travel about a bit.Like so many otheres I miss the old toilets and the gloryholes.There was hardly a day would go by when I'd not get to wank or suck off some cock,mostly sucking but some guys spunked before you got that far.

I know a lot of the dogging sites and gay wood areas arond the country but I'm still always on the lookout for the old toilets.

Near a small Lancashire town a few weeks ago I drove by what looked like one,I did a bit of an about turn and sure enough it was,a couple of cars parked nearby told me all I needed to know.I keep my undies gear hidden in the back of my van,stripping naked in the back of the van and getting into my bra and knickers has already got me going,not knowing what your going to do in the next hour or so is the biggest turn on I know,I make sure I've got condoms and lube in case theres a bit of fucking to be done.The only outer things I'm wearing is a pair of dungarees.

Theres two cubicles both being used,theres a guy standing at the urinal,an elderly guy,he makes no attempt to disguise why he's there,he's obviously a regular and I think he instantly knows why I'm in there.He's looking at my hands as I'm undoing the buttons on my dungarees,he's waiting for me to produce my cock and gives me a smile of approval when he sees I'm well at half mast,he turns towards me and shows me his,its hard but not big unlike his balls which are also on display,he's well fucking hung and he .

He points to the cubicles and makes a sucking motion,letting me know theres a sucking session in progress.He walks to the door and has a look outside holding his cock in his hand,he smiles at me again and goes to one of the cubicle doors and pushes his cock through a hole,he turns and watches me wanking and again gives my the sucking sign,his cock was being sucked.

He undoes his trousers and lets them fall down,he's not got underwear on,he's got a muscular little arse for an older guy,with his cock still through the hole being sucked he rubs his arse indicating for me to help him out.

I was a little bit nervous not knowing the place,its safe he whispered.I moved behind him and felt his arse,it was muscular and was reacting to his cock being sucked,hold my balls he said as he opened his legs as much as his trousers would allow,they were big hot and heavy,I almost envied him,he's moaning in delight as I tug and squeese his balls.

I nearly shit myself when the other cubicle door opened and a guy came out,not that I could do anything about it,I was too engrossed in what I was doing,that was when I realised that he had'nt been on his own in there,theres a guy completely naked in the same cubicle,he dose'nt bother to close the door,he stands there having a wank looking at the little old guy with his cock through the hole and me playing with his balls as I'm wanking myself.

He looked down at my cock and makes a sucking gesture and nods for me to join him,for that I don't need a second invitation,sorry I said to the old guy as I let go of his balls,he just smiled and said enjoy.He did'nt waste time undoing the rest of the buttons on my dungarees,you bitch he's saying as he cops my gear,you fucking bitch,I'm going to fuck the arse off you.I've got nothing on but my bra and knickers,he's already wanking me like theres no tomorrow.

Theres a couple of bricks missing from the wall between the cubicles,I can see the guy next door still sucking on the old guys cock giving himself a good wanking as he's doing it,like the guy I'm with he's also naked,I like this place.He continues to call me a bitch and pushes me down saying suck my cock you bitch,I'm more than happy to suck his cock,I've been on the lookout for a couple of days for some cock to suck,his balls were'nt in the same league as the old mans but you can't have everything.

One of the things I like these days is that most men who do cocksucking get rid of their pubic hair and the hair on their balls and their arseholes,I do myself.He's leaning over me fingering my arsehole having pulled my knickers aside,he's still going on about fucking me,I've got a tight grip on his arse cheeks and I'm sucking hard on his cock.I've sucked enough cocks to know that he's beginning to struggle to hold his spunk,he tries to get his cock from my mouth but I'm a fairly strong guy,suddenly he stops trying to get it out and grabs my head and dicides he's lost the battle,he's going to spunk,I can feel myself smiling,who's a bitch now you fucker I'm thinking as he starts to grunt like a pig and starts to empty his balls,how I needed the taste of spunk,to me its pure honey.

I kept sucking on his cock after he wanted me to stop just to prove a point,you should be careful who you are calling a bitch and nobody fucks me unless I want them to fuck me,the funny thing that day was that I fancied being fucked by the little old guy,just to feel his balls banging into me,and indeed after a wanking and sucking session that lasted even longer than I planned,I'd had more than my fill of spunk,my bra and knickers had been torn to shreds,that happened a lot,the little old guy was still going strong,hed wanked or sucked a number of guys off at the urinal,loads of guys sucked his cock but he held his spunk.

He politely asked me if he could fuck me as he was having to go,I even fitted the condom on his cock and even though as I said he did'nt have a big cock he gave me one of the best fucks I've enjoyed in a long time,he just knew how to do it,I would have liked him to last a bit longer but considering how much use his cock had already had he was ready for release.

I'm hopefully back that way again next week,can't wait.