Written by White van man

9 Sep 2011

I'm the van driver who was on here last week about one of the old toilets with gloryholes near a town in Lancashire,a few people have asked where they are,I'm not saying its already a busy little place,I went back there on Tuesday afternoon and it was just too busy,a guy walked by me while I'm sitting in my van,he'd already copped me going in a couple of times,he stopped to light a ciggy and said to me its better early in the morning,cheers mate.

I got there at 7.30 on Wednesday morning,I was staying nearby in a B&B anyway,woke up with a raging hardon,all I could think of was having a fuck.One of the cubicles was already in use,I went in the next door one,it was the one with the bricks missing.He was wearing nothing but a pair of white skimpy briefs,he was leaning back against the cistern moving his hand over the front of them,the shape of his cock was very obvious,just what I fucking needed.

I bent down to get a look at his face,he was younger than I expected,20,21,he looked at me and smiled,his hand continuing to caress his cock through his briefs.I've already got a hardon,the only thing I'm wearing are my dungarees,I can feel the roughness of the material against the head of my cock.

He sat forward and put his face to the gloryhole and watched me as I unbuttoned them,nice one he said as my cock appeared,nice one,what do you like doing with it,the lot I said,you?.I,ve been here half an hour he said I could do with a sucking to start with,let me have it I said I'll suck it,do you want sucking off,no he said its just a starter,but if you're here for a quickie I'm happy to wank or suck you off,I'll suck yours first I said then just pull it away if it gets too much,then you can give me a sucking,I've had a fucking hardon since 6 o'clock.

He pushed his briefs down and off,I was'nt surprised to see that he was clean shaven,standing up he was'nt a big lad,neither did he have a big cock,it was hard and straight and a nice shade of pink,his smooth shaven balls complimented his cock and shone in the morning light,his foreskin was fully back off the slightly darker pink head which was visibly pulsing,overall very very suckable.

He pushed his cock downwards and stood against the wall,I took it from his fingers and immediately felt it react to my touch,the already swollen head bulging just a bit more.I heard him moan as I started to lick the uncovered head,touching his eye with the tip of my tongue,I also heard some body come in to the toilets and try both our doors,neither had locks on,mine opened enough for him to see I was busy sucking cock,he smiled at me and pulled it closed,I heard him open the other one and could see him come in behind the young man I'm sucking,who did'nt seem in the least bothered by it,his cock is deep in my mouth and I'm playing with his youthful balls.

I can see the guy whos joined him has his hands all over him behind which is making him moan even louder,I could'nt see fully but I think I know the guy whos come in has got his cock out and is either wanking himself or is trying to fuck the young man.The latter was the case because he had to take his cock from my mouth to grab the cock of the newcomer to stop him pushing it up his arsehole,but then offered him a consellation prize,he sat back on the loo and started to suck his cock,I was a little bit annoyed but quickly realised this was going to be a quickie as I could see the guy who'd come in was doing fast mouth fucking,he was on for spunking.

Within a minute or so I could see that the young man was swallowing,he obviously liked spunk because he kept sucking on the guys cock longer than was necessary,it was already nearly limp when he let it go,he looked through the hole and smiled at me as the guy zipped himself up and left,he indicated for me to let him have my cock,he still had some of the other guys spunk in his mouth as he fed mine in and started to suck long and hard,he was good.

The place was getting busier by the minute,the young man next door must have been well known,when I needed to take my cock from his mouth to slow myself down there was already another guy naked in the cubicle with him,I watched while he fucked the young man.

Like on the previous occasion I saw more cocks in the next hour or so than I'd seen in ages,the spunk that had'nt ended up in condoms or mouths was drying on the floor.I eventually let another young man suck me off,there was going to be a lot of late deliveries,but it was worth it.