Written by pete125

25 Nov 2014

As I've said before, I watch so much porn and wank, even if I don't spunk, it makes my balls and lower regions ache. In the end I went to the doctors. Phoned in the morning and got an appointment for 30 minutes later. They really are a good GP surgery.

I told my wife I was having a recurrence of sickness which I do suffer from. Not wise to tell her just how much I watch porn and wank. She knows I watch it and wank and doesn't mind but no point giving her ammunition to use against me anytime!!!!

The doctor was a locum. A young woman, good looking, slim, nice figure and very firm looking tits. She asked me a few questions and I said I was getting aches and pains in my testicles and lower regions. I did say that I'd been doing quite a lot of what men do quite a lot of! Not sure if she realised what I meant. She certainly didn't respond. I didn't tell her I was also bisexual.Then she said she would examine me. Got me to lie on the couch and take down my trousers and pants. They were clean! She asked if I wanted a chaperone in the room. I said no! Not sure if the chaperone watches! Imagine that if it's another woman! She gave my stomach and balls a really good going over, lovely! No fault found! And no, I didn't get a hard on! I think all she wanted was to fondle me!!!! Or not. I can dream can't I! I'm a young 66.

Anyway my condition hasn't gotten any worse so I'm still watching loads of porn and wanking. Sometimes even spunking once or twice a week.