Written by Harry_22

10 Dec 2012

The hotel was just over a mile from where I was staying and in the cold night air I made the distance in a little short of 20 minutes. My cheeks flushed as I walked in and I quickly pulled my coat and scarf off as I headed to the bar. I was early thanks to the brisk pace so I got a mineral water while I waited for my next text message. My phone buzzed in my pocket and it made me jump a little. I had not realised that I was on edge, but now the excitement was fighting away the cold in me and I felt a stirring between my legs. The text confirmed a room number and my heart raced. I left my glass of water and headed through the foyer to the lifts.

I knocked on room 507 and the door opened. The room was hardly lit at all and I pushed the door open fully and just made out the shape of my host as he returned to the bed area of the room. As soon as the door clicked shut behind me a deep, foreign voice from the back of the room broke the silence.

“Strip.” There was no tone to the voice, but the short order made me shiver a little. I lay my coat and scarf on the seat by the desk and pulled my shirt out of my trousers and began to undo it.

“Very nice,” the exotic voice spoke once more as I stood back up from peeling the trousers from the end of my legs. I had not heard any movement, but somehow he was now in front of me, just a foot or two away. In the dim light I could not really make out his face, he had thick hair and a heavy set brow, dark in colour that matched his full beard. He was in a white robe, which he now undid and let drop to the floor. I let out a long breath. His dark skinned arm reached forwards placing a hand on my shoulder. The slight pressure he applied encouraged me to squat until I clumsily ended up on my knees. I could sense his cock before my eyes could adjust to see it and I am sure I could feels its heat as well. I needed no instruction now as I reached out t get a hold of his cock, I already knew what he wanted and I more than anything, I knew what I wanted.

My hand bumped into his hard cock and with a flick of the wrist I wrapped my fingers around it. He gasped a little as I slowly tugged it, moving my head nearer to it as I did, opening my mouth to let him between my lips. I groaned out over it as I closed my mouth around him, letting my tongue rub over the underside of his thick bell end. He tasted good, there was a distinct musk to him and I savoured sucking on this strange travellers dick. While his nob was large in my mouth, his shaft was slim by comparison, he had quite a length to him as well and I soon found that I could not find away to get him all in without avoiding gagging. This clearly was as of little interest to him as it was me and he skillfully started to hold back, only letting a couple of inches past his helmet into my mouth so that he could work up a consistent rhythm.

In all this my cock was throbbing away too, standing proud in front of me and I stroked it now in time to his gentle glides in and out.

“Get on bed.” The instruction was as concise as before though it was easy to hear his heavy breathing either side of his words. I lay back on the bed, my legs hanging over the edge. He moved between them and placed his hands on each of my thighs. I could make out him leaning forward and then I felt and heard the licks of him slurping around my cock. His body nudged my legs further apart as he knelt on the floor. Letting go of my legs he licked more on my hard on while I listened with excitement to the foil wrapper of a condom being opened. With a swift movement my ankles were gripped and lifted high and I let out a breath and moaned in reaction to his wiry beard pressing onto my cheeks, letting his tongue lance out and lick my arsehole.

“Hold legs.”

I placed a hand under each knee and hoisted my legs up exposing my arse to him as much as I could. He stood and edged forward, maneuvering into position. I relaxed myself and let out a long breath preparing myself for his gorgeous helmet to penetrate me. The first sensation was the cold touch of lube, I knew he had used some, but the proof to it being in place helped me relax that last little bit. He sensed this and with a slight lean of his body, his probing tip spread me open and then pushed in. I cried out with a quiver of pleasure as my hole closed instantly on his shaft and he pushed yet further in.

“Now you take all,” he encouraged.

“Yes,” I moaned back, “give it to me.” And the intence pleasure in my bum grew even more as he went deeper and deeper, his shaft driving me mad as it massaged my tunnel. He slid back a bit now and then rocked back and forth in me, I could do nothing but moan, it felt so good; rubbing in and out of me like he was wild combined with the fat cock tip pushing and stimulating me deep inside.

“Is good,” he said, “You like.” It was a statement not a question, but I answered it anyway between heaving breaths.

“Yes I like it,” I told him, “Oh my god, fuck me!” the pace quickened and he took my legs away from my grip now. Pushing them higher than I was holding them rolled my arse higher and let him put his weight behind him.

He grunted and I yelled out as he plunged into me, my cheeks pushed by his weight as his pubes rub against me. He pulled nearly all out and then banged into me again and then again and then again. He was hurting me, but I could not stop him and in no way did I want to, just as I thought I could not take any more of him, he changed his approach and fucked me form his hips, his fat tip that I was enjoying so much suddenly went to work on me again and I cried out in pleasure as it stimulated like I had never before had from a fuck (Girls aren’t the only ones who can boast a g-spot!).

“You want come?”

“Yes.”” I replied the urgency I was feeling over ruling any control I had of my body.

He laughed, “Oh yes, you want come!” My leg fell form his grip and I caught it before the twist of my hips made him fall out of me. He continued to fuck me and with a rush of pleasure, I felt his hand on my cock. He did me even harder then and instantly my cock began its tell tale spasms as my come rose up.

My orgasm seemed to last forever as he wanked dollop after dollop out of my cock and up my body, one splash landing on my face even.

When I was spent he held in me still and although I shot no more, the pressure he put in me made me feel like I was still coming. When my breath returned, he pulled slowly from, my ring clenching on him trying to not let him go!

“Bathroom,” he said to me, “Clean and go.” Confused I stood up and my shaky legs and headed into the bathroom. The bright hurt my eyes as I grabbed a flannel and wiped off the large amount of jizz from my chest. The light went out and I do not know why, but it made me jump. He was behind me suddenly, his hands on my shoulders, his cock still rock hard pressing on the side of my bum.

“I check,” he said in a husly voice, “ I say you want come, you say yes!”

I gulped, “uhuh”

“Uhuh,” he repeated, “So now I give you come?” My heart raced at the thought of my last taboo about to be given up.

“What?” he enquired and I had not realised I had spoken.

I began my answer by moving my feet apart, then I bent over for him, my breathing was so hard in my chest.

“Tell me,” he instructed.

“Fuck me,” I responded and he moved fully behind me, “Put it in me.”

His thick tip met my entrance once more and with a renewed coolness, the cheeky sod must have known and was already lubed up,, I let out a long breath as he pushed deep into me once more. He put his hands on my hips and got straight into a rhythm fucking me deeply. I could not help but cry out again, thought this time it was purely in ecstasy. I was lost in my own world until his fucking of me became more punctuated and I realised that he was about to spunk.

He called out words that I did not recognise as his fat cock swelled to it’s peak and then squirted warmth into me. A warmth that for once was not locked down by the seal of a condom, but instead spread around me, filled me up and I realised, threatened to leak from me as his cock barrage on me continued. I reached for my cock, it was not hard, but was sticky with the warmth of come as I had also climaxed!

I felt his cock shrink and then he pulled it from me. I listened to both of our breathing subside.

“Clean up,” he told me as he left to the bedroom. “Get your things and go.”

The usual sense of shame rested like a warm wet bubble inside me as I clenched my legs and cheeks, sure I could feel come trying to escape once more. I turned to see my clothes had bee put by the door for me and slid them back on ready for my cold walk home.

“Thank you,” came his voice, deep and sounding controlling once more, “Maybe again? This week?”

I smiled as I opened the door, trying to play it cool, “Sure,” I whispered back my answer, “Just text me when.” Shortly I headed out into the cold, still acutely aware that a man’s spunk was deep inside an that same smile stayed with me for some time…