Written by R Staples

4 Sep 2008

I always thought i was 100% straight until last week, how wrong i was!

I t was the first of the darker autumn nights and I just sufin the internet, not really looking for anything. As usual I was reading the stories on here. For the last couple of weeks I had found myself more and more interested in the stories involing men! When I had finished the stories I quickly glanced at the adverts, my heart jumped some guy was looking for a gay encounter just down the road! Too good an opportunity to miss!

I made contact and 45 minutes later I was nervously pacing up and down at a local Moray woodland car park. Suddenly a car drew up, for a minute I thought about running but too late now. Steve, 24 bi, got out of the car, he was cute, for a bloke!

I knew if i didnt go for it I would never do it! I dropped to my knees, unzipped his fly and stared in disbelief at his beautiful cock. Oh well I thought to myself, here goes nothing ans slowly opened my mouth n sucked him in. After what seemed like no time at all I felt his cock twitch and for the first time tasted cum. I love it! I think i may be a cum slut!

I am now looking for more meets, who knows may go further next time.