Written by mikeytv

12 Dec 2008

So i really wanted to finish the jobwith my oriental friend. I wanted to suck him off and for the first time make a guy come. We passed each other again. I said "i have never had a cock up my bum, do you want to be the first?" He was wanting me again and I sucked his cock again, but he said lets go to a cubicle. Off to the nearest cubile and i sucked him more.I stood up and lubed my bum giving hims omething to wear. He went to slide his cockin and my bumwas so tight it pushed his cock between my ass checks and tothe back ofmy balls,and this was an awesome feeling. He then slotted his rockhard gorgeuos cock into me. It was a bit painful but I have wanted this so long i just backed up on to him and he held my thighs and pushed in to me. Lots more stroking and he kepy pushing into my ass. I wanted him to come and I was hot.I turned around anf got down on my knees again. I took his cock and sucked him once more. He was ready now and said he was going to come. He asked where I wanted him to shoot and I said, where do you want it baby, he said all over your face. I sucked him once more then wanked him until he shot allover my neck and chest. The first time I had ever been there when a guy ejaculated. I loved it. We moved to the shower room, I took one last look at his awesome body and we left.

It was fantastic and his cock was perfect. If they are all as fit and hard as my oriental friend then I will be back for more. Hope you enjoyed my experience,I cant wait to find a cock that nice again