Written by tireesun

27 Sep 2007

i\\\\\\\'ve got all the usual hangups and at my age the usual fantasies. for a while i\\\\\\\'ve played with the thought of what a guy on guy would be like. its weird but i guess there are plenty of us out there.

having shopped at harvey nicks i made eye 2 eye with a really handsome guy who was trying on jeans at the same time as me. his changing room was ajar and i could see him pull the jeans over his calvins. god he looked cool. i left my door open just to peek but he turned and tucked himself in looking me full in the face. quickly i shut my door but there he was when i went to pay.

he was a stunningly handsome guy and when he suggested coffee i agreed.we clearly got on and i found myself inviting him to my flat. as soon as we got in i kissed him - i loved his tongue pushing against me and the feel of his stubble on my cheeks. his hands were up my teeshirt playing with my nipples and down in my jeans - he was so fast my head was reeling but i loved it. i felt his cock against my thighs and mine was bursting in return. he grabbed mine first but i couldnt help it and unzipped his jeans - his cock was so hot and hard. we were moaning and groping - we just went for it - he wanked me then sucked me - i tried to do the same but his cock seemed to be too big to swallow. i tried to throat him but could only gag but that seemed to turn him on and he grabbed my head and thrust repeatedly until he shot in my mouth. i gagged and gagged but his spunk seemed endless - i swallowed to keep from drowning.

i felt cheap and dirty but also horny too. i had just sucked a guys cock - and swallowed his spunk. i kissed him hard and stuck my tongue deep in his mouth letting taste his own cum. my hands were busy feeling his body - arms chest and thighs. i guided him to my cock waiting for his attention. we rubbed cocks - he was beginning to revive and i wanted more. he bit my nipples and licked my belly before swallowing me.i moaned as he sucked me - i pushed back as his fingers played with my arse. he rose to kiss me and our cocks touched again. i couldnt hold back and came in spurts over and over his thighs and stomach.i grabbed and wanked him feeling his hot sperm on me.

weve stayed in touch and are due to have a drink together soon. not sure where that might go but id like to explore further.