Written by Stephen

1 Sep 2010

Being away from home at uni.had mixed emotions for me.I was getting a break from my mother and her going on about having more friends,I've always been happy being on my own,its the way I am,even though I did miss her.The other issue for me was I thought I might be gay,I fantasised about sex with other men even though I'd never had any kind of encounter in that way.

A couple of weeks after starting at uni.I was walking along by the local canal,it was completely isolated,I needed a pee and eventually found an opening in some bushes,it led to a little clearing.As I was relieving myself I noticed a plastic carrier bag half hidden by some stones,it obviously had something in it,I retrieved it just out of curiosity but a bit nervous about what was in it.

There was another carrier bag inside with elastic bands around it to keep it sealed,I could tell it contained papers,I nervously undid it,it did contain papers and a few other things. There was a bundle of gay magazines inside another plastic bag and a further bag containing four pairs of girls undies,tiny things.I was shaking a bit as I stood there looking at the magazines and felt the undies,realising that I had got a full blown erection.

Lost in my own thoughts it was only when I heard footsteps on the canal path that I was aware of somebody approaching.The footsteps stopped and I just stood there trying not to make a sound,I felt I was well hidden.I waited for what seemed forever,then decided whoever it was must be gone away,the question was what to do with the mags and undies and decided on taking them with me,the thought of putting the undies on had already crossed my mind.

I went cautiously back out to the footpath,feeling relieved that there was nobody there.I'd only taken a few steps when a voice stopped me in my tracks,hi young man he said,have you got the time,he was standing by a tree half hidden from view.He was wearing shorts and a teeshirt,he really startled me,he smiled and said sorry I did'nt mean to scare you,just wondering what time is it.

As I looked at my watch the bag fell from my hand,nothing breakable I hope he said,no I blurted out just some magazines,I was making a mess of things.Looking for somewhere quiet to have a read he said,I like to do that,they're not naughty mags that you can't get to read at home are they,he started laughing,I used to do that when I was your age,still do it occasionally when the wife and I have fallen out,which is a lot these days.

I picked the bag up and started to walk,he joined me,I've seen you walk along here a few times lately,you at the college,yes I said,like your own company then he said,mostly I said.I'm not from here he said,I've got a caravan on the site a bit further along,I'm on my own at the moment,the wifes fallen out with me again.

As he walked along beside me I could'nt avoid seeing that he had his hand in his shorts pocket playing with himself.Suddenly he said,I know whats in that bag,I felt myself go red,I know because they're mine he said,he was looking at me and smiling.I hide them there in case the wife finds them when she comes to the caravan,I was actually going to get them when I saw you in there,I was looking forward to wearing the knickers and going to a local gay dogging place for sex tonight.

I'm bisexual he said,though I must admit I prefer gay sex these days,its less complicated,you? he asked,I was just a stuttering mess.We reached a turn off to another path,thats my van there he said pointing to a field with some caravans parked up,fancy joining me for a drink,no strings attatched,you can even keep some of the stuff in the bag if you want.

As if in a trance I found myself walking with him towards his caravan,then we were inside.Tea or something stronger he said,whatever I heard myself say,vodka and lemonade OK,yes I said,he handed me a drink.Without saying a word he removed his teeshirt,I just watched him,he kicked off his shoes and pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them.

He was wearing tight white underpants,far too small for him,his cock was held tightly inside reaching almost to his hip,it was already rock hard.He pulled the waistband forward and it sprang upwards almost to his bellybutton,he pushed the underpants down and off and started to wank himself,thats a relief he said,you take your time,he continued to wank himself.

I take it you've had a look at the mags,some cracking pictures in them,mostly around your age,some lovely cocks,am I going to get to see yours.I was sitting on the edge of the drop down bed,he came and stood in front of me,the head of his cock was shining and swollen was almost touching my face,his fingers moving up and down slowly on it.

He got on his knees and gently pushed my legs apart,I did'nt resist,my own cock was so hard it was hurting,he felt it through my trousers,wow he said thats nice. I watched him as he undid the zip put his hand inside my undies and gripped my cock,wow he said again that is a beauty.I lifted myself off the bed to let him pull my trousers and undies off,can I suck it he said,I did'nt need to answer,he knew I wanted it sucked,this was one of my fantasies.

He removed my teeshirt,we were both naked,better than just mags he said laughing,nothing like the feel of skin on skin.He stood up and held his cock to my lips,I'd fantasised about having a cock in my mouth,now it was real,I loved the taste the texture and the throbbing.I did'nt know if I was doing it right but I sucked on it for my own enjoyment,he was'nt complaining.

He took turns to lick and suck me all over,it was hot and confined in the caravan but I loved every second.We came together having decided to sit side by side on the bed and wank each other off,it was the first time I'd seen another man come off.I returned to his caravan every day for the next week,I took his magazines and undies with me when his wife was joining him,I have worn them while wanking,I'm really into that now.