Written by secret

4 Jul 2007

This true story happened about 9 years ago.

I was about 20yrs old and had recently split up from a girlfriend.

One night, during the summer, a friend asked if i fancied going out for a piss up etc so i agreed on the spot.

We had a few drinks at his flat before we headed off to the club which was only around the corner.

I am one of those people who gets more turned on the more i drink and on this night after a few i was gagging for some action.

I saw a girl at the bar that i knew and she was with a friend. Naturally myself and my friend had a chat bought them a drink but it wasn't leading anywhere. Plenting of flirting going on but the boyfriend of the girl i knew was due to arrive at any time.

Hours later, and plenty of drinks inside us, the music stopped and we were chucked out as it was closing time so we stumbled off back to the flat.

I had been curious for quite some time and decided to see if tonight would be the first gay time for me not knowing what reaction i would get.

So walking back around the corner, he was moaning that he didnt pull any girls so i said "guess we will just have to have a wank then" and he replied "guess so".

We got back to the flat, and as there was only one bedroom i was supposed to sleep on sofa while he had his double bed but i couldn't quite make it to the said sofa. (a strange flat with bedroom by entrance then living room on going through)

I stripped off without a thought for anything and rolled over onto my side and heard my friend get in to the bed.

I moved onto my back and just blurted out "shall we have that wank then" and his reply wasn't needed as he was already stroking his cock and starting to wank.

I put my hand around my shaft and started to pull at it. His moaning helping me get the hardest i had been for a while.

"want to do each other?" i asked. he just said ok and reached over to my cock and started to wank me. He seemed quite suprised at the size of my cock and while i was starting to wank him i was suprised at his - it was very small!

Still, I was really loving it, as was he, then for no reason i just decided to lower myself down and take his dick in my mouth - the first time i had ever given a bj.

He was begging me to make him cum while i sucked and licked his cock all over but the cum wasn't happening much due to the excessive amount of alcohol.

Eventually i just thought it's time to have my first ever full gay sex... "i can't believe i am going to do this" i said to him. "what you going to do?" he asked, and on that note i moved up and went to ride him - no lube too. I figured he had a small cock so it wouldn't be a problem.

He held his cock as i lowered myself onto him and in it went.

For god knows how long, i rode his dick loving every second of it and he sucked and wanked me at the same time.

Eventually, i cum all over him but unfortunately he didn't cum.

the next morning, i had to be up and out but if that wasn't the case, I was still so turned on and amazed by what we had done and the feeling of it, I would have woke him up with a bj and done it all again sober.

It is the only time i have had full gay sex, but i have been wanked and sucked since by other males and i do have a married friend who likes to have a 'get together' now and again.

I still wank over that night and I have also recently admitted to my present girlfriend of what had happened.

I have tried many times for a threesome but not persuded her yet, but she has become aware that i still fantasise about that particular night and she brings up the subject of threesomes quite often during our sessions saying how we could share a cock together.

Who knows, maybe one day soon the threesome will happen.