Written by windyboy

3 Feb 2009

as to what happened

well i went around to his and we chatted for a while me being quite nervous and him being very horny. He wanted to go to the bedroom staight off but i wantted to watch some porn to help me relax.

He got the porn on then asked if it was ok for him to strip and to have a wank as we watched I replied no probs and stripped off as well all in about 3 mins. When I saw his cock I had to have a feel and reached over and grabbed my first cock it was fantastic.I wanked him for all of 20 secs before I had to start sucking him and him rubbing me and playing with my cock and pulling my balls. As we were both shaven it was realy nice . We went into the bedroom and layed on the bed and 69ed with me on the bottom sucking as much of his cock as I could .

It wasnt long before we changed position and me sucked and pulled my balls all the time wanking me then sucked me hard till I came deep in his mouth. I wasnt up for a CIM but sucked him and fingered his ass till he came.