Written by Dandent

8 Jan 2013

University is a place to find yourself. I found out that a have a craving for sucking cock after a night out as a 21 year old. Coming back from a club an executive car drove past, it's windows wound down and a shaven headed guy in a shirt and tie offered me a lift. Normally I would have rejected the offer from a complete stranger but I was pissed and miles from home. After a moment hesitation he gave me a smile and beckoned me in. For some reason I just went with it and got in the passenger seat.

When I got in we started talking, he was friendly and we got on. He was muscular and tanned. After some time he pulled over to the side of the road and started stroking my leg. I'm a straight guy or at least thought I was and was shocked but let him carry on. His hand led up to my crotch and I notIced my cock was getting hard, pulsing hard as he dry wanked me. It wasn't long before he had undone my tight jeans and he pulled out my meat. I'm average size but I was shocked at the size of my now stiff engorged blood cock. Pre cum glistened from my cut bellend.

He leaned over and pursed his lips round my end which was hurting from its stiffness. He sucked hard and slow at my smooth cock bringing me close to cumming in his mouth. When I thought I was going to explode he stopped and beckoned me to have my turn. It was my first time and I almost still came through the filthy thought of sucking a stranger off. I unzipped him and tool out his choad, it was rigid and the veins were fucking amazing. I had no hesitation taking his whole cock in his mouth. I wasn't sure I was doing it right but his groans were evidence enough. I pushed his cock deep into my mouth until it started to hit the back of my throat and soon enough I was deepthroating this complete stranger. He was pushing my head further down and his groans had turned into moans as he came hard in my mouth. It filled and spilled down my chin and I swallowed what I could. His dick was spasming in my mouth for what felt like an eternity.

After I'd swallowed the load he turned his attention once more to my still rock hard cock and it wasn't long before he had me filling his mouth with my spunk. My orgasm was amazing better than I've ever felt fucking pussy. He swallowed my whole load and we played with each others cocks a while longer. My first blowjob I'd ever given and so far the only one. I still have this up in the locker and when I'm fucking my girlfriend I can always cum that bit quicker and harder by thinking back.