Written by defc

6 Jan 2010

many years ago i went to visit my aunt who lived in a area iused to go to school in after i had visited her i decided to go for a drink in alocalpub just to see if anybody was in there that i knew from school when i left the pub at closing time there was public toilets over the road so i went to have alook to see if there was any action when i went in there was three people in there all standing at the stalls there was a youngish lad standing close toaolder man, about five stalls away was another man,so iwent and stood two stalls away after standing for a couple of minutes the young lad got back to what he was doing before i walked he took the older mans cock back into his mouth,seeing this my own cock got hard the other man saw me rubbing my throbbing cock and moved next to me he put his hand out and held my cock,i got hold of his cock and started wanking him then i leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him he then got my pants down and bent me over i had never taken cock before he lubed my arse and tried to get his cock in the young lad and other lad came over to us the young lad stood in front of me with his cock pointing at my face so i took it in my mouth and sucked and licked his cock i took the otherlads cock in my hand and the lad behind me got about two inches of his cock in my arse before he come the feeling was superb the warm cum shooting in my arse i caried on sucking and wanking till i had cum in my mouth cum on my face i still had a raging hard on so they took itin turns to suck and wank me till i cum my load in the young lads mouth ther are no longer toilets to go to to have hese things happen