Written by Bran

2 Feb 2012

I'm a guy, 22 years old. I always considered myself completely straight but after watching countless adult films, I couldn't help but realise that I loved the sight of a male penis. Once when I was very aroused, I put on a gay video and was turned on by the content, but after I had ejaculated, I felt wrong, not at all excited by the image and left wondering how I was so turned on by it. But then some time passed and I accepted the fact that I was attracted to cocks and was finding the idea of being fondled by an older man extremely exciting.

I was 18, a complete virgin, with both males and females. I had only had one girlfriend in my entire life and we barely did anything romantic. The reason I had so little experience was that I had very low confidence when dealing with romance and sexuality. That was due to the fact that I was short, about 5"6, had no facial hair and looked young overall. I only started growing when I was in college, at the age of 20. Because I knew I looked no more than 15, I had tabled everything sexual for the time being, thinking it would only lead to disappointment. Then the homosexual fantasies started to arise. I knew many older men would love to do things to a young boy and the fact that I was probably desirable to someone made me even more open to the idea of having some fun with a gentleman.

And the chance soon came. Me and a friend of mine decided to visit a water park for some fun and relaxation. It was all fun and well and we had a good time. We finally had had enough of it and were gonna leave. I went to the showers to wash off the chlorine and noticed some guy, in his mid 40s with a small beer belly, soaping his dick. I thought nothing of it and continued minding my business. There were many people in the showers. I had another look and he was very publicly and carefully washing under his foreskin. What made it a bit strange was that he wasn't facing the wall like most people would but he had his back to the wall and his actions for all to see. I then took off my speedo and revealed my shaved little cock and balls (it's quite small when flacid but a good 6 and a half erect). I noticed the guy was throwing peeks at me and I felt a bit uncomfortable and turned around. He was clearly watching me shower while touching his prick. I was at the same time excited and scared and didn't know what to do. It was nothing like what I've ever experienced and had no idea what to do. I finished showering and headed towards the dressing room to my locker. I was still a bit shaken about what had happened and glad it was over.

I was casually drying myself up when I noticed the same guy slowly walking by the isle. There were 2 other people in the same isle as me so he tried to make it seem like he had no intentions but he was clearly trying to look at me. He walked by several times which made it crystal clear that he was trying to perve on me. I was a bit nervous and getting dressed but subconsciously still decided not to cover up my jewels. The other 2 guys were done and left and low and behold, the cock guy was back. He took a seat at the end of the long bench between the 2 rows of lockers, facing away from me. I was at the other end. He was looking at himself at the mirror on the wall he was facing and doing something but I couldn't see what exactly it was. He then turned and faced me and I saw he had a semi erect cock. It was big and it looked really nice, he was fully shaven. I was so startled by it, it was like out of a movie, I could not believe that this was happening to me. My friend had already got dressed and gone out of the facility so as to not pay the extra fee for staying for longer than you paid for initially. People walked by and the guy was absolutely not ashamed of his semi boner. He clearly knew that I knew and he seemed to love it. Then I realised I still had my cock out for him to have a clear view and I realised I was intentionally displaying myself. This got me so excited and I could feel blood rushing into my prick. It seemed like a scene from a soft core porno and I was so turned on I didn't want the moment to end. I touched my cock, gave it a quick couple of strokes for it to get a bit stiffer and I made sure the guy saw what I was doing. I suddenly wanted that perv so badly and you could tell he wanted me just as much.

Our little moment was cut short though cause 3 guys chose the same isle and it was over, the guy got up and slowly walked off somewhere. At first I thought I had dodged a bullet and I got dressed and left the facility. Then I started to have real regrets though, knowing that I missed the most sexual thing that had ever happened to me. I was so excited I needed a wank as soon as possible, so I said goodbye to my friend and told him I was gonna meet someone close by. The second he started to walk away, I was scanning the horizon for that guy. I then sat down at the lobby and waited, he had to get out sooner or later. And in about 15 minutes he did, he had very nice clothes on and looked an executive type, I was really impressed and a bit puzzled at the same time over the fact that he had come completely alone. Maybe he only went to see some penises? I was so nervous though that I missed my opportunity to call him over so he left the building and made for the car park. I wasn't gonna let the chance slip though and ran after him. Outside the building I said hello to him and with a slight accent he greeted me back. I paniced and didn't have anything to say so he started to make some small talk. Outside of the complex there was a small cafe and I asked him to have a cup of coffee with me. He happily accepted my request and we started talking. He said he was an owner of a shop that sells fabrics and was from Georgia. He had been living in England for 9 years but his English wasn't that good. We chatted for about 10 minutes and then out of the blue he said: "I have to go now but do you want to come over?" I had a huge dilemma, I wanted to be with him so badly, but at the same time he was a complete stranger, way bigger than me and not a very social person. To my own surprise I said yes and we got up and went to his car. We hadn't said a word about what had occured in the dressing room and the shower but it was in both of our minds.

We took off. He had a very nice looking BMW M3. It took about 15 minutes to get to his house. During the ride I learned that he was 47 years old and was married but had no children and thats about it, he wasn't too talkative. Thinking of what could possibly be in store for me rock hard. Then we arrived, he had a very nice house and a really big garden. There was a big hot tub in the garden and it was all very private cause he had a big stone wall surrounding it and quite a high hedge. We got in his living room and comfortably sat down on the sofa, watching some telly. It was a bit awkward but I knew I wanted to eventually end up in his bedroom. Then out of nowhere he puts on some porn on his big tv and he asked me about my experiences and preferences. I told him I was a virgin and you could see his eyes light up. He said he was gonna have a quick shower and then we could figure out what to do. He undressed in front of me and his cock was still slightly erect. He had been in the shower for about 5 minutes when I decided to be the instigator. I took off all of my clothes and followed him into the bathroom. He was very surprised when he saw me standing there, completely naked and my flag at full mast. I stepped in and at first we didn't do anything. I casually brushed my cock against his leg. He started soaping my upper body and I replied by soaping him back. It quickly evolved into us rubbing ourselves against each others bodies. He grabbed me and turned me around and started washing my belly and legs from behind while his cock was resting on my back. It then kicked up a notch when he finally grabbed my cock and started to fondle it with both hands. My body was lodged against his and I felt in seventh heaven, putting my hands behind my back, grabbing his firm butt cheeks. Then all of a sudden he turned me around and picked me up. He was completely dominating me and I was loving it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we started making out. I had never even thought of snogging a man but this amazing.

Our shower adventure didn't go beyond that. We exited the bathroom and he grabbed a towel and started to dry me up. It felt amazing and him touching me finally got his cock fully erect. It was really big (for me at least), a good 8-9 inches and as I said before looked amazing. The bedroom door was open and I then took the initiative and led him there. We got on the bed and started to make out again, touching each other. It felt so good be tucked into a big strong man like that, I felt safe and protected. At first I had decided to avoid blowjobs and anal but I couldn't resist. I went down on him and his cock filled my entire mouth cavity. It felt just as I had imagined and I was working it like a pro, having seen enough cocks being sucked on the internet to last me a lifetime. I tried to take him really deep but I couldn't, props to those pornstars who can. I was sucking his balls, slapping his prick against my face and didn't want it to end, but he said that he was about to explode and didn't want to yet. He pulled me up, working me like a puppet and took me in his mouth. The feeling was magical and I couldn't take any more of it. It was my first ever sexual encounter and I could only last about 20 seconds before I came. He loved my spunk, not lifting his mouth from my cock. He swallowed it all and I was really impressed. He was a bit disappointed that our fun didn't last long but I told him to wait a bit and that I would recover soon. While we waited we spooned while watching some german porn, me slowly stroking his cock not to let it fall asleep. Soon enough I was ready again and again rock hard. I have tried back to back masturbation before and the second time always lasted quite a while. He placed me in the 69 position and we were at it again. I couldn't believe I almost missed out on it. I would never have guessed that my first time ever would be with a man but it was incredible.

Then all of a sudden he said he would go downstairs and find some lube so we could have sex. I was a bit startled by it, having decided previously that anal would be too much for me. He came back with some condoms and a bottle of lube but I told him I wasn't ready to be fucked in the ass. He kept insisting though and finally I gave in. I was extremely nervous but everything had gone so well so far that I didn't want to ruin in.

He put lube all over my hole and slipped on a condom. He first slipped in a finger and it was a really weird sensation. I was a bit uncomfortable so he gave me some time to relax and we lay there on the bed snogging for a bit until I gave him the go ahead. I climbed on all 4 and he slowly entered. The size of his cock really scared me and the first time he went all in hurt a bit. After the next couple of strokes it all loosened up a bit and I started to enjoy it. He increased speed and soon enough he was really fucking me. After a couple of minutes of pumping he was ready to come, but I told him to come in my mouth, I wanted to see what it tasted like. He pulled off the rubber and sticked the prick in my mouth. I worked it for a couple of seconds until he jerked himself off with his hand. Then he exploded. His cum had a good thrust to it as it was shot to the back of my throat. I took it all, not drip was wasted. The warmth of the cum surprised me and it tasted a bit salty but I swallowed it all. He offered me to make love to his ass but it didn't really excite me and he just jacked me off. I shot right there on the sheets and he didn't mind at all.

Then we cuddled a bit, watching footie when someone entered the house. It was his wife but he wasn't at all bothered. He said that they do this all the time and often have sex with other people and his wife knew of his intrest in young men and liked it. His wife came into the room to say hi and then left the house again. Finally I got dressed, exchanged numbers, gathered my stuff and left. We have since become friends and are still close. In fact the first time I was with a woman was with his wife while he was watching. Even though I have had plenty of showers with him since that day, that was the only and probably the last time I had anal. I guess the moral is that even though you should steer clear of perverts, they could turn out to give you an afternoon you will never forget