Written by Brian

17 Jan 2013

My freshman year of college, I was dating this pretty Asian girl named Susan. She was 5'4", 115 lbs, 34B, with a beautiful face and tight ass. We had been dating for about a month when I found out from a friend that she might have cheated on me with a guy from the football team. I was really hurt and confronted her about it. She admitted that it was true, that one night when there was a party at her dorm, they got drunk and she wound up inviting him into her room. He then fucked her several times that night and even spent the night sleeping in her bed. All of this happened while I was away for the weekend to visit some friends at a different college.

I was really mad and sad, and she felt really guilty and apologized repeatedly. I stormed off and plotted some kind of revenge. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I went to Jim's room (he lived on the floor above Susan) and knocked on his door. As soon as he opened it, I charge him and tried to tackle him to the ground. He was just too big and strong for me though and he quickly subdued me where I was pinned to the ground and he was sitting on my chest and holding my arms down. He was pissed and demanded to know what that was about, why I attacked him.

I was so humiliated b/c I totally attacked him but he had me pinned in a helpless position. I tried to kick him and roll him off me but it was useless. After trying to fight back for a few minutes, I gave up and told him that I was mad that he fucked my girlfriend. He wasn't sure at first who I was talking about, but when he realized that it was Susan, a big smile crept across his face. He said, "yeah, she was so hot and such a naughty girl. Not only did she want me to fuck her all night, but she swallowed my cum several times too." I couldn't believe it b/c she was always so shy and conservative with me. I freed my right hand at that moment and punched him as hard as I could on his face, but I missed and it was just a glancing blow. Jim wasn't hurt at all, but he was pissed. He looked like he was ready to punch me back, but instead he leaned really close to my face and said, "I'm going to fuck your girlfriend again and again b/c she loves my big white cock. She said it was so much bigger and better than your small little Asian dick."

I tried to argue that it wasn't true, but he just laughed at me. Then he put his knees on my arms to keep me pinned down, lifted himself up, and pulled his cock out. It was so close to my face and he just said, "See, see how much bigger my cock is? Your girlfriend loves it and sucked it all night." As he was waving his cock in my face, I don't know what happened but I felt an urge to lick and suck it so I stuck my tongue out and got a quick lick at it. He stopped and was silent for a second. Then he said, "suck my dick like your girlfriend did."

I opened my mouth and let his cock slide in. I sucked it and it got really hard very fast. I was still lying on my back. He was now off my arms and moved over me so he was kind of fucking my mouth. I reached around and grabbed his hard muscular ass and continued sucking as he face fucked me. Very soon, he came hard in my mouth and kept pumping in and out as my mouth filled with his cum. I swallowed it all. He stayed on top of me with his cock still in my mouth. After a few minutes, he got off me and sat up on the edge of the bed. He motioned with his finger to come over to him. He then opened his legs and asked me to lick his balls for a while. I got on my knees and licked his balls and his cock for a long time, probably for almost half an hour. He then leaned back on the bed, opened his legs and asked me to lick his asshole. So I held his legs apart and lick his brown hole up and down. This made him really hard and he was jacking his cock as I continued to lick his asshole. He then grabbed my head and put it over his cock as he spurt another load into my mouth.

After that day, I went over to his dorm to suck his cock almost every day. I broke up with my girlfriend and she actually dated Jim for a bit. He used to fuck her and then call me over to suck her pussy juices off his cock. She never knew about any of this and Jim was very good about keeping this a secret. About a year later, I let him take my anal cherry. After that, he would fuck me all the time until we graduated a couple years later.