Written by Adrian

19 Jan 2009

It felt so good sitting there beside him.He looked in my eyes and smiled,you have a wonderful body he whispered.I loved his words and his soft voice.Stand for me and turn around slowly,I want to see every bit of you.I stood in front of him and showed him my body.Yes you,re fantastic he whispered.He reached for my cock and just held it in his hand,I could feel it throbbing in his grip.

He smiled and indicated we should go upstairs,I wanted that.He stood and followed me to the stairs.As I started up the stairs I felt his hand go between my legs,I stopped and let his hand feel me.His hand came between my legs,first feeling my balls then moving to my cock.As I stood above him on the stairs he wanked me.You,re so beautiful,he said.

I wanted him to go on wanking me but he took his hand away and pushed my bottom upwards.I led him to my bedroom.He put his arms around me and turned me towards him.He pressed his cock hard against mine as he kissed me.His tongue slipped into my mouth and played with mine.I was in heaven.

He pushed me back onto the bed.I just lay there as he stood above me,looking me up and down.What a beautiful body you have,he whispered.Your cock is really gorgeous.I wanted this to last forever.He reached down and spread my legs wide apart,he leant over me and stretched my arms across the full length of the bed.

His fingers came gently down my body,feeling each nipple in turn,then into my bellybutton.His finger played with my pubic hair,I so wanted him to get to my cock.At last I felt his lovely soft hand encircle it,my hips moving up and down to his touch.Right now I would to see that lovely cock come off,but please hold on,he whispered his voice trembling.

Through all of this he wanked on his own cock,I loved watching him doing that.Let me do something to you,he said smiling.I did,nt ask what,as far as I was concerned he could whatever he wanted with me.He took my hand and led me to the bathroom.In the confined space he took me in his arms again and kissed me his hands holding the cheeks of my bottom tightly.He let me go.He picked up a pair of the girls undies and handed them to me.

I knew what he wanted.He stood back watching me as I put them on,my cock standing out of the waistband.He felt me through the soft material,turning me around to feel my bottom.You,re so gorgeous,he whispered in my ear as he pressed himself against my back his throbbing cock rubbing against my cheeks.His arm encircled me,his fingers slipped inside the undies to gently fondle my balls.

Lets have a shower he whispered as he pushed the undies down.There is,nt a bath in my bathroom,the shower is a reasonable size.He stepped in I followed him.You turn it on he said.We stood close our cocks rubbing together.He started to soap my body,I just stood there loving every minute.He very gently wanked my soap covered cock his other fingers playing with my balls.

Do mine he said handing me the soap,guiding my hands to his cock.He moaned as I wanked his soap covered cock.His balls were big but felt unbelievable in my hand.He took the soap from me and turned my back to him.He soaped down my back.I wanked myself.His hands on my bottom felt like heaven,I spread my legs.His fingers rubbed soap between my cheeks,I could hear myself moaning,it was ecstacy.

A finger gently probed my hole.It felt brilliant,I wanted him to push it inside me,he used more soap.I had put things up my hole when masturbating.His finger slipped into me.Is that OK he whispered,yes,yes I whispered back.A second finger slipped into me,oh yes I heard myself saying.He withdrew his fingers,he rubbed more soap between my cheeks.I felt him soap his cock.I felt the throbbing head touch my twitching hole.I wriggled onto it.

He was grunting as he gently pushed it,I wanted him to enter me.It felt huge.I,ll be gentle he said,tell me to stop if it hurts too much.I relaxed,I felt it come into me,it hurt a bit but I was loving it.I felt it push further and further into me.His arm came around me and wanked my cock.Suddenly he was pumping into me,grunting louder and louder.His hand moved faster on my cock.He lifted me off the floor,I was ballanced on his cock.I knew he was coming,I felt my own cock explode.

We were both coming.He wanked me to completion as he lowered me to the floor,he had finished too.I felt the water come back on.I felt him slowly withdrawing his cock from me.That was the best experience I,d ever had.After showering we went and lay side by side on the bed.We were both soon asleep.