Written by oporious

12 Sep 2010

This is a true story of my first experience with man!

I always knew I was BI and up to last month had never in my life kissed another man let along have full blown sex with one! This is what happened, and believe me it was the most amazing thing ever…

I was away on a business trip for a week and one evening I left my hotel and headed to the shopping Centre to get some needed items, had my evening meal there and just after coffee headed into the toilet before returning to my hotel. As I walked to the toilet I noticed a guy looking at me, never thinking anything of it I go inside and the urinal. With that this same guy stands next to me, out came his dick and he started wanking himself slow and very discreet. I was watching out the corner of my eye and did not look at him once, it was at this point I knew he wanted me. I finished peeing and as I washed my hands I could not resist looking at him in the reflection of the mirror, eye contact was made and instead of looking away I just looked at him. I walked out of the toilet and gave him once last look. What was I doing, I thought!

As I walked to the doors to leave and enter the car park, I don’t know why but something told me to look back, as I did he was there following me. I walked slowly to my car ensuring he could see me at all times, as I got to my car I got inside and he was standing a few spaces away. I look at him and gave the nod to join me, with that he walked over and got in. I said hi how are you, his reply was “horny” and you? The excitement was getting too much and I could feel my dick twitching and getting hard, he said do you want me to blow you. No small talk just straight to the point, without a second I said yes. I said not here though come to my hotel, he said ok “are you hard” I replied getting there yes and you? He said he had been hard since he saw me in the toilet.

I drove to the hotel which was about 20 minutes, it seemed to take ages however we talked about all sorts of things and it felt like I had known him for years, at the hotel we got to my room and he used the bathroom. Whilst he was there I tuck my shirt off and stood there next to the bed waiting, he came out and said get your clothes off then and lay on the bed. He watched as I stripped in front of him, strange but if felt so natural and I’m not really the modest type. As I lay on the bed totally naked, my dick felt harder than I had ever felt it before, with that he undressed and sure thing he was rock hard, he got on the bed and started kissing me right away. The feeling of his stubble was fantastic and as he lay on top of me I could feel his hard dick pushing against mine “I was in heaven” he was really hairy and I could feel every hair on his chest, pubes and legs rubbing over my body. All I wanted was to suck his dick so hard, turning him over I was now on top and moved down his body taking my time and enjoying licking his chest, running my tongue through his chest hair, moving down and there I was both balls in my mouth sucking like me life depended on it. His groans made me suck harder whilst I ran my fingers over his pubes, I moved to his dick and tuck it with my hand, licking the top and then the sides before pushing his hard dick into my mouth, I felt myself getting so hard and I’m sure cum was already leaking out of my dick. I kept sucking and got deeper and deeper, he pushed my head down and as I gagged he pushed down more, the feeling of a hard dick at the back of my mouth was more that I could have imagined, after a few more really hard sucks he said now its my turn.

He rolled me over and went straight for my dick with his mouth, sucking and licking the end, my dick was pumping so hard and the more it throbbed the more he sucked taking it deep and fast, he moved his position so he was kneeling between my legs, wanking me and rubbing my balls. As I lay there eyes closed and enjoying every moment of this stranger waking me off, he moved my legs around his waist so he could move in closer, at that point I felt the end of his dick against my ass hole, there is no way he is going to fuck me… is he!! With that he must have used spit to wet his dick as I felt a wet, hard dick push harder against my ass, then pop inside it was. “fuck” were my only words, he said are you ok? I replied yes give me more, as he pushed further inside me the feeling of ecstasy was something I had never felt like this before, he pushed harder and moved faster and it felt so so good, not painful just pure pleasure.

I could not take it anymore and whilst he fucked me hard and fast I wanked myself, he knew I was about to cum and he said cum over my chest, with that I exploded like I had never cum before, fountains of the stuff came out covering both of us in my piping hot cum. He continued to fuck me until every last drop of cum had been released, then rubbing the cum all over my chest be bend forward and kissed me hard and long. I wanted this feeling to last forever.

Anyway, after we dressed I drove back to the shops and out he got. I have never seen him again and to this day this think to myself, did it really happen! But for sure I did and it was more than I could have imagined.. Until next time!!