Written by chesterchap

6 Oct 2007

For years, I thought I was the only straight bloke who had an experience with another straight bloke. However, reading the stories on this site, it seems that everyone is at it. Apparently, two drunk straight blokes cannot share a room without some cock action taking place. Anyway, my encounter happened several years ago. A group of colleagues and myself went away for a conference for a few days. While there we met up with Stuart. He used to work for our company and had gone to work near to where the conference was. Although he was not part of the conference we snuck him into the conference hotel for a free meal and to join in the wine tasting session that had been laid on. We were all a bit the worse for wear at the end of the evening. As it was late, it was decided that Stuart should stay over at the hotel as and we were the same age and sex (well, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to share with one of the females would it!) he came back to my room to spend the night. We both got into the double bed in our underwear. We watched TV and chatted about this and that for a while. As the drink had loosened my tongue, I started to talk about one of the girls who was at the conference. She had big tits and I confessed that I really wanted to titfuck her. I said I loved titfucking and then divulged how often I wanked, my favourite sex position and so on. Stuart was silent and when I asked him about his sex life, he didn’t divulge. I felt a bit embarrassed at this stage and suggested we switch off TV and go to sleep. Stuart said he wasn’t ready to sleep, so after switching off TV we chatted some more. As this chat was pretty dull (i.e. non-sexual) I said I needed to get some sleep and switched the light off. I could sense that Stuart was tense and couldn’t get to sleep. I then blurted out, “Do you want to do something?”, he said yes. I switched on the light and told him to take off his boxers. He had a small limp dick which I started to wank. There was no response so I straddled him and took both his limp dick and my slight lob in my right hand and stared to tug away. I did this for a few minutes and nothing happened, neither of us got an erection. I was about to give up and pull away but Stuart pulled his dick out of my hand and took my cock in his hand. Soon I was fully erect and he had both hands wrapped around my big cock wanking me hard and fast. I shifted forward and reached behind me so I could tug his prick with one hand while I tugged my own nipples with the other. It wasn’t long before I shot loads of spunk over his stomach and chest. I offered to wank him off some more but he said he had too much to drink and wouldn’t be able to get hard. He sat up to drink some water and I watched my spunk drip down his chest which was quite a turn on. We went to sleep and the encounter was never mentioned again!