Written by MikeLittz

10 Oct 2014

I love re-living my first gay experience which happened over 20 years ago now. I was at uni, and to save money in the first year, I shared a large room with another guy. He was a member of the rowing club and was very fit, always parading around, showing off his fit body and six pack. I had a girlfriend at the time and she lived next door in a large student house. Anyway, there were lots of hormones flying around, and one boring day, we were both lounging around in just our boxers when the conversation with my room mate got round to sex, as it does, and I was telling him how much I loved licking my girlfriend's fanny while the crotch of her knickers was pulled over to one side. I love this and still do, and I've always had a fetish for undies, male and female. Anyway, I digress. With that, my room mate lifted his fit lump of a body up from his bed and reached underneath and pulled out a porno mag. He flicked through it and said, 'if you like undies, check out this chick!' and strode over in his very tight boxers, and presented me with a double page spread of a really cute, sexy, blonde chick in white stockings and suspenders and white knickers pulled down just past a really lovely shaved cunt. 'Oh that is perfect' I said.'i might have to have a wank here and now'. 'Be my guest' he said. 'Do you want me to leave you in peace for a bit?' 'If you want mate', I replied and with that he took his tight-boxered frame out of the room. Seizing the opportunity, I I lowered my boxers to round my ankles, spread my legs as wide as I could and took my hardening dick in my right hand. A few strokes and my decent sized glans were as hard as fuck, and my balls were full of spunk as I hadn't had sex with the gf for a week. Just as I was slapping my dick onto her beautiful cunt on the centre spread, the door flung open and in burst my room mate, as if to make a point. I tried to cover my dick and balls with the mag, and just asked 'are you ok mate?' And he just stood there in the doorway and said 'I want to watch you' and I said 'ok mate, you should have just said!' I then removed the mag from my glans and with my legs still spread, exposed everything to my mate. I then did a naughty thing, and I don't know why I did it, I must have felt quite bi-sexual at that point, but I flipped over and showed him my arse. I then pushed my dick back through my legs. 'Don't just stand there' I said, get over here and get those boxers off!' With that he strode forward to my bed and pulled down his boxers, and out sprang a nice, hard cock. I yanked his boxers down to his ankles and grabbed his dick, momentarily wondering what it would look like in by girlfriend's cunt, and then the lady in the mag's cunt. He joined me on the bed and we settled into what I hoped would be a 69, with him stroking my dick while I stroked his with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. He followed my lead and cupped my balls in one hand and stroked my dick with his other. I decided to go for broke and popped his dick in my mouth, wondering what it would taste like. I was pleasantly surprised and could taste his precum. He followed my lead and popped my dick in his mouth., continuing to massage my large, full balls. I was then quite surprised by what he did next. He moved his hand down to my arse until a fat finger found my bum hole, and he began to work it in, the sweat on my butt crack making for natural lube as he did so. He looked me in the eyes as if to ask for permission to go further, and I simply said 'get that finger up my bum' in a very demanding way, as has become the way of things, as I'm still demanding of my sex partners. He worked his finger in and I suddenly felt like I was in heaven, telling him to get it in knuckle deep. He continued to suck my cock as I sucked his, revelling in the sexuality of the whole experience. After not much more of this, I just said 'I'm gonna cum' and bucked my hips up, and ground my arse down onto his knuckle and fist. My legs were spread as wide as it possibly could as I ejaculated my load into his mouth. Without hesitation he swallowed the lot, and I was beginning to think he'd done this before. Once he'd swallowed he rose off the bed and shoved his dick further into my mouth, and I sucked him greedily. It wasn't long before he was spurting in my mouth, and I followed his lead and swallowed the lot. 'I think this means I'm bi-sexual mate' I declared. 'Good' he muttered, 'but I haven't finished with you yet. Get on your back'. I was mildly concerned as to what was about to happen, but I needn't have worried. He simply spread my butt cheeks and to my surprise began licking my hairy bum hole. I soon began to realise how much I was enjoying it and pushed back into his face, moaning with pleasure as I discovered the joys of same-sex sex. 'If you want to fuck me I've got some KY jelly in the drawer' I said, and he nodded. I reached for it and we both massaged a splodge onto my bum hole, and I momentarily felt guilt for my girlfriend and her nice pussy as he prepared to enter. He did, and pushed it in. He held my hips as he did so and I got used to the feeling of being filled my a cock. I wondered where he was going to cum and before long my question was answered as he pulled out of my bum and shot his second load all over my arse. I massaged his spunk into my bum cheeks like some slut in a porno mag story, and that was that, we were spent. I had another few experiences with him which I might relate at some point, but my gay cherry had been popped, and my bi-sexual declaration has held true.