3 Jun 2017

Ive always known I was bi since I was a boy but never had the opportunity to experiment until I was in my 30s. I'd been working in a small business for two years with just one other guy called ritchard on the night shift . During the summer it was common to work in just shorts . In the middle of one summer nights shift my mate mentioned out of the blue that he was honey as hell , the comment went straight over my head until I got home .

My mind started racing and was questioning myself whether he was coming on to me . I wanked twice before I went to sleep.

The next shift towards the end I blurted out that I was horny tonight ! Ritchard instantly responded by saying it was gay to sort each other out .... with no more couragment needed I totally stripped off and seeing my enthusiasm Richard did the same .

There was no room to sit or lye down so we stood close rubbing our bodies together . My cocktail is average in size about 5 inchest but ritchard was 6 at least with a big curve . It was my first cock and after a couple of minutes of mutual groping I dropped to my knees and took ritchard cock in my mouth , I licked up an down his shaft taisting the pre come from the end . We spent the next 20 minutes sucking and wanking each other until Richard stood behind me fucking my closed legs while wanking me off over his hand and finishing himself off over my ass.

It was my introduction to sex with other guys. Unfortunately circumstances ment I had to move away within weeks , a big regret as I would of loved that curved cock coming inside me .