Written by peter

13 Aug 2017

im a guy who's 50 and like a bit of cock fun,my first time was with my landlord who was gay, i was looking for a room to rent in london, when a advert on a shop window said from to let, i phoned the number and arranged to see it that night, i was 25 at the time and nervous in london having ccome from the west country, i was met by mark, he was 60 and tall, he showed me the room and his house, after a cup of coffeei agreed to move in on the saturday, i didnt know he was gay neither did i think anything about being attracted to a gay guy, saturday came and i moved in , the next weekend came around and we was getting on fine, that saturday night we was having a few wines,as the night got on he mentioned he was gay, i didnt say much as i was nieve to this, we ended up playing cards and mark said shall we play strip rummy , i was tipsy and agreed wasnt long till we was both in our underpants, i was looking at mark as he had a thong on and was quiet large , i lost the next round so mark said off with them and as i stood up was struggling a bit so mark pulled them down and as i won the next mark removed his and the sight of his large cock was something else ,we now played on with forfiets and mark was rubbing my cock and i was tipsy by now ,he said i will put you to bed as he put me on the bed he started to suck me , i said no but he said enjoy he was very stern and i was nervous to say much , i got hard as he sucked away , he then stuck his cock in my face and said suck it while wanking me , i started to enjoy it and mark started to suck me again in no time i shot my load in to his mouth , he then got some lube and started rubbing it into my arse, he then put on a condom and started rubbing. his cock against my arse as he started to enter me i screamed in pain , please stop i said , he said shut up and put more lube in when it was finally in he started fucking me for ages before finally cumming up my arse,he turned me over and started kissing me, he had sex with me again through the night and most evenings after that when i was in bed he would climb in and fuck me, it went on for 2 years and must of been great as i now love cock fun.