Written by Hunk

20 Sep 2017

So I've always been the giver, over time i started fascinating about big cock.

I finally got a chance to meet an guy at a hotel, I am 6ft muscular and this gentleman was a mature guy.

We got into the hotel room after stepping out the elevator at which he was playing with my cock. When we got into the room my heart was pounding, I was really going to get fucked! We're undressed and on the bed, he starts playing with my cock, sucking it. I ask him to finger my arse.

He lubes me up and starts fingering me gently, whilst sucking my cock. It feels amazing! I am so horny and in the moment I tell him to fuck me. He puts my legs up and enters me, it was painful at first and he went slow, once I got used to it I asked for it harder.

He flipped me to my side and carried on fucking me hard getting deeper than before. I am moaning and absolutely loving it. He bends me over and does me doggy. I am screaming FUCK YES as be pounds away at my arse, begging for his cum he fills me up.

I shower and go home, meeting him next month. I am in need of a bigger cock to fuck me. Contact me