Written by John

30 Jul 2018

Recently while in business in Singapore met another English guy much like me mid 50s well toned ,well dressed.He was also on a business trip and staying at same hotel.We got talking and found we had a lot in common both married with grown up children.

We were at the hotel for three days and on the last day we were relaxing by the pool .It was about 5 pm and I said I was going up for a shower before going down for dinner.He said there are great showers down here in the pool area and we then both made our way to the showers.They were top class towels supplied along with soap,shampoo etc.The showers were communal and we got undressed and I then saw what great penis he had.As we were showering he began to play with himself and his penis was erect ,about 7 inches and very firm.He said you don’t mind do you? I said no carry on .I have always been straight.

He then asked if I wanted to touch him,I said no thanks that’s not for me ,he said you have never touched another mans penis,I said no.He said you might like it.He then moved closer to me and said go on touch it it won’t bite.Aswe we’re alone in the showers I just thought why not so I took it in my hand and was surprised at its feel and hardness.He then said allow me and took hold of my penis which was now becoming erect.He started to wank me so I did the same for him and was surprised how much I liked it.He turned away with his back to me and said just put yours between my cheeks ,I thought I know where this is going but did as he said so there I was with my penis between a mans bum .The showers were still running and he was soaping and oiling both of us,it was very erotic.He then put his hand on my penis and manouvered it towards his bum,I knew what was happening but was really enjoying it ,he then pushed my penis into his bum and said just relax,I felt the tip of my penis just enter his bum when he pushed back on me and I had my penis in his bum ,I then pushed forward and my penis just slid into him,I thought my god I’m gay ,he said come on fuck me so I pumped away at him ,I took his penis in my hand and was wanking him,I couldn’t hold back and I came in him,I then thought he will want to fuck me but I was unsure of this as I had never experienced anything like this.I offered to give him oral but he said just wank me which I did and he came in bucket loads.He said did you enjoy that and I had to admit it was the best sex I had had for a long time.He then invited me to his room after dinner where we can really enjoy ourselves.That night I had full sex with him and I let him fuck me.I loved it though my bum was at bit sore the next morning.