Written by stalky

7 May 2007

I didn't think I had any tendency towards gay things, as I have a very sexy wife who wants it quite often and we had a good sexual relationship, BUT, I stopped in a lay-by to have a leak, in some woods, as I stood there cock in hand pissing, a man came up to me and said that's a nice one, I just thanks and thought nothing more of it, but he came closer and reached across to hold my cock, I would have thought I would push him away, but I didn't I just stood there with a stranger holding my cock, he pulled the foreskin back and it started to get hard, he wanked it for a few seconds, then said why don't we go into the woods out of sight, as we were only a few yards from a main road, not really hidden from view, he walked away and I just followed not knowing why, he led me into a thicket of rhododendron bushes, it was like a tunnel with a small clearing at the end but totally concealed, the ground was strewn with used condoms, and tissues, he opened my fly and pulled my trousers down exposing my cock, he was quite surprised to find it bare, (my wife loves oral but hates getting hairs in her mouth so uses Veet to keep us both smooth), he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth, I was at first quite apprehensive, my cock in someones mouth, he could bite me! but he was expert and had me straining on tip toes to get more of my cock deep into his mouth, I felt my sap rising in record time, and couldn't even warn him that I was about to come, I shot it into his mouth, he didn't try to pull away just kept sucking till I was dry.

I felt quite strange it was like nothing I had experienced before, my legs were shaking, with the intensity of the climax he had just given me, he stood up and dropped his trousers, no pants his cock sprung out it was magnificent, almost twice the size of mine, my hand automatically wrapped round it but not quite, it was too big my fingers didn't meet, I looked and there was still five or six inches sticking out from my hand, I started to wank him, but knew he wanted to be sucked, I have never touched another mans cock before and here I was contemplating sucking this monster, the ground was too messy with discarded condoms etc for me to kneel in my suit so I bent down and took just the tip in my mouth, wondering if it would taste horrible, but it didn't taste of much at all just like a clean finger a very big clean finger, he groaned as I took just a little more in my mouth, and using my tongue to rotate it around his huge knob, one hand still holding the shaft the other had somehow found it's way to his balls and was massaging them as I slowly took more of his cock, I started to wank him and bob my head in time with my hand, from the sounds he was making he liked what I was doing to him.

His hands gripped my head and pushed it towards his cock forcing it deeper into my mouth almost gagging me, my response was to suck even harder and wank him quicker gripping his balls and making him groan, he was fucking my face now rather than me sucking him, his hands were holding my head and his hips were driving his enormous cock down my throat, I don't know how long it lasted but he eventually let out a cry of passion and filled my mouth with his cum, holding my head tight to him so I had to swallow it all, he held me till his cock started to soften, then letting me go, I was shocked at what I had done, I though I hated the whole idea of homosexual behaviour, it just didn't appeal to me at all, but I had really enjoyed this, and felt so sexually replete, so at 61 I have found that I am a bit gay, it's a shock to me, but something I will do again, given the chance, do again!