Written by bh

19 Oct 2007

Well, its an often told tale, but there I was, early 40's, happily married with 3 kids,but as curious as hell to find out what it would be like to have sex with another guy. Only one way to find out! Courtesy of SH, I contacted a guy in the orth east, one who was also 'straight' to all thiose who knew him, but who was bi-sexual and seemed to be the man to teach me all there was to know.

So, we talked on the 'phone and he told me that I had to shave by balls & ass - he said my wife wouldn't notice and she didn't! So into Newcastle to meet him at a flat re rented out and I've never been so nervous - and excited - in my life. He met me at the front door and I wasn't disappointed by what I saw, he was in his early 40's, with a nice body and a good firm handshake - I was te get to know his fingers better very soon!

He told me to go upstairs and undress, then he's join me in a minute. I raced up the stairs and stripped to my boxers in a flash, my cock already incredibly hard at the thought of being naked with another guy. Mark was soon in the room with me and immediately kissed me, long and hard with his tongue darting into my mouth. I'd never snogged a amn before and was amazed at how good it felt, my cock now straining to be unleashed. He then told me he had a little 'ice breaker' to start things off and with that he removed my boxers and told me to lie on the bed, face down. He then proceeded to lick my ass cheeks, working his soft tongue up and down and slowly moving towards my crack. Then, he did the hottest thing I've ever experienced, his tongue began to lick my tight, virgin ring. Man, it was sensational, I nearly came on the spot!! He started off with a gentle, slow lick, but the pressure soon increased and before long he had his tongue forcing its way inside me, god it felt good! He stopped before I came and I thought it's my turn now, I can get my first taste of another mans cock. As he rolled onto his back I noticed for the first time that he was completely shaven, no chest hairs and nothing at all on his belly or balls, very nice indeed!! He lay there and I kissed him again, feeling his hardness pushing against mine, so I slowly worked my way down and prepard myself for my first taste of another mans cock. I wasn't disappointed, it felt incrediblt hard, but the skin was so smooth and warm, with his exposed bell end already leaking a little pre cum, which I soon licked off, it tasted absolutely tremendous! Knowing what I like in a blow job, I just went with my instinct and he was soon moaning and writhing around on the bed, so I must have been doing something right. Prety soon, the moaning increased and I knew he was close, so I carried on sucking and massaging balls and felt his cock start to pulse in my mouth, this was it, and with a sudden thrust of his hips, I got my first mouthful of cum, delicious! We lay there for a few minutes, me still hard with pre-cum flowing out and soaking the bed, hoping he'd be able to empty my balls, 'cos they were full to bursting point. He said that he was going to finish me off, but that he had a little surprise for me first and with that he opened the bed side cabinet and pulled out a selection of dildos of all shapes and sizes! He didn't have to say anything else, I quickly turned over and pushed my ass into the air, aching to have it filled. I wasn't to be disappointed! He expertly slid a finger into my butt hole, which was still wet from his earlier tongue attention, slowly at first, then building up a little speed so that I was being finger fucked, which felt great. I then felt a second finger enter me, which was a bit sore to begin with, but once I'd relaxed, felt incredible at they stretched and probed my asshole. Next, he selected one of the dildos and held it against nmy aching hole,and with just a little extra pressure, he pushed it inside me - jeez, it felt good!! Somehow I managed not to cum, but not for long as somehow he rolled me onto my back with the dildo still firmly inside me and then started to give me the best blow job I've ever had. The combination of the feeling inside my arse along with the expert way in which he licked and sucked my cock had me readyto cum almost roght away. I warned him I was about to shoot my load and he kept on sucking and moving the dildo in and out until I started to cum and it felt like no orgasm I'd ever had in my life, my legs shook and I seemed to be shooting load after load of my hot saltiness into his mouth, every drop of which he swallowed.

After a short while gathering our wits, we dressed and went our separate ways, unfortunatey, we haven't been able to meet since, but I've had many a wank thinking of that day. all I need to do now is find someone who will be able to fill my ass with cock, any takers out there?