Written by Lange66

24 Dec 2009

Let me tell you about my first gay experience.

I was a student in Chichester and like most guys in their late teens horny all the time.

I was a penis on legs but didn’t have a girlfriend.

I used to read the graffiti in public toilets as it gave me a hard on.

One day I was sitting in a cubicle looking at the scrawls on the walls some of it very graphic and getting very horny. I was rubbing my cock thinking about the guys that wrote all this stuff when I noticed an eye looking at me through a hole in the door.

I stopped what I was doing and pulled up my pants over my erect cock. As I did so the eye disappeared. I waited a moment and left the cubicle.

In the urinal area was a well built guy in his late twenties, he gave me a long look and grinned. I went outside. When I looked back he was standing in the doorway beckoning me back in.

We went into the disabled toilets. He stood nearly touching me.

He asked “Were you wanking in there?” I nodded.

By now he had unzipped and was rubbing himself through his pants. I tried to undo my flies but was shaking too much with nervous excitement. He reached down and undid my belt, button and flies. He reached in and grabbed me through my pants.

He said “Can I kiss you?” I nodded again. He kissed me gently on the lips then eased my jeans and pants down over my now very erect cock. He fondled my balls and told me how they felt nice and big and heavy.

He pulled his cock out and started wanking.I started wanking too.I reached over and rubbed the tip of his cock. He licked my pre-cum off his fingers then knelt and took me in his mouth. He sucked me off till I came which wasn’t long. It was my first blow job and felt so fantastic I could hardly stand. When he had swallowed my cum and licked me clean he stood up and with several second wanking came in a big spurt over my jeans and against the wall.

We did ourselves up, he kissed me again and said ”See you again soon”.

We both went our separate ways.

I often have a wank remembering this and the few other encounters with guys and want to have a few more.