Written by s3xslave

29 Mar 2013

Hi ive been currious about my sexuality for some time and often go into chat rooms for a steamy chat which often lead on to webcam shows, It would always end there for several reasons.

A while ago i had a friend approch me and tell me that he was bi, he then went on to tell me that he had watched me on cam several times. I was a bit freaked out at first as i didnt know what i wanted. Nothing happend for a while as we both had other commitments untill out of the blue he texted me saying he had a empty house and told me to come over.

I declined at first but as time went on i kept getting excited at the thought of it, i ended up texting him telling him i would be over and took the short walk to his house.

I was greated bu him at his door, he was in just a dressing gown i went in and as soon as i was in his front room he droped his robe so he was completly naked and pushed me against the wall kissing me. I was a bit shocked at first but went with it, i slid me hand down his stomach and grabbed hold of his cock slowly wanking it enjoying the feeling of it getting hard swelling to its impressive size. He asked if i wanted to come upstairs, ive never got up a flight of stairs quicker i quickly stripped off and we carried on kissing passiontly as our hands explored each others bodies. He quieded me to his bed and started sucking my cock i cum almost instantly where i was so turned on, i carried on kissing and wanking him as my cock sprang back into life. I was ready to fuck him but sadly neither of us had any protection on us. He held our cocks together and wanked both at the same time, he then requested that i cum on his balls so i wanked myself off until i cum for the second time, my aim was spot on as i hit his balls with all of my load. This set him off and he came seconds after

sorry its prob a boring story but i wanted to share it and sorry for the appaling grammer