Written by Phil down

6 Mar 2007

After working in the snow we had a while back, I went to a local sauna to warm up.

I paid my fee and had a quick shower before going into one of the steam rooms.

There was a young thirtyis guy in already and I sat next to him.

We started talking and when he found out it was my first time he told me not to worry and relax.

He then fondled my cock bringing it up nice and hard, as I was enjoying this he started to suck me, I lent over and started to fondle and wank his cock. It was about seven inches not too thick.

He told me to stand up face away from him and l bend down, I rested my hands on the bench in front of me, for the first time I was having my arse rimmed and toung fucked, it felt fucking fantastic.

As I was really relaxing a older guy came in I tried to pull away a bit embarassed but was held in place by the guy licking out my arse. The older guy tried to walk by so I moved my hands, all he did was sit in front of me and remove his towel.

His cock wasn't too long and soft but very thick. He pulled my head towards his cock saying to suck it.

I started to suck my first cock, I just did what I would like done good hard sucking, licking up n down the shaft and fondling his balls. It had the desired effect and he was soon hard, about six inches long but so thick I was having trouble getting it in my mouth, he was forcing it as best he could.

The guy behind had stood up and started to lube me up, I saw him put on a johnny then for the first time I was having a cock slowley pushed into my arse. It was quiet painfull but after a few pushes he had it all in. He fucked me slowley for a few min then I felt him pushing a bit harder and his cock started to throb. He gave me four or five hard thrusts cumming in to the johnny, then slowley pulled his cock out.

The guy I was sucking then stood up and turned me round, pushing me so I was bending over. I felt his cock nudge the entrance to my arse, he was having trouble getting the head in.

He must of been getting inpatiant and forced his helmet in giving me real pain. The younger guy was now pushing his cock into my mouth telling me to relax, if his cock hadn't been in my mouth I would of yelled the place down.

The guy fucking me started to add a bit of pace and was forcing in more and more.

I cant say it was great it was too painfull but I knew this guy was going to do it his way.

Soon he was plunging his full length into me then pulling out to do the same again. He seamed to get off on the fact he was in charge.

Soon his rhythm changed to a slower pace but he thrusted in even harder. I felt him throb as he shot his first wad into my arse. I then relised he hadn't put on a durex, too late he was pumping load after load into my streached arse.

He pulled out cuming round and forcing his cock into my mouth telling me to suck it clean, once this was done he wrapped his towel around himself and left.

The younger guy told me to sit down then proceeded to suck me off it didn't take long for me to pump my load down his throat. After a short while I went back and had another shower,

my arse felt it was gaping open, and I could feel cum leaking out.

My arse was sore for days after, but would love to have it fucked again. Any London guys fancy it?

This does have a follow on if you want I will submit it another time.