Written by TWAIN

1 Jul 2010

My first hands experience with a guy was around 4 years ago, I was away from home working and had been surfing SH for a little while when I had the urge to luck at guys. I think it's just the thought of seeing and holding another guys cock that turns me on so much and seeing them explode. So there I was in my hotel and got chatting to a guy on SH, he was in the same boat as me, away from home in a hotel just down the road. I thought this has to be it a guy who can lead me astray!

So I went to his hotel, he seemed an OK sort of guy. He wanted to start off in the shower, it was dark and steamy so into it I nervously stepped. It seemed strange at first to be so close to another guy with my semi-hard cock brushing against him. But I was more focused on caressing his soft member, it felt different to hold another guys, but so erotic. I wanked him slowly and could feel him swell a little, then I had the urge to take his stirring cock in my mouth. I knelt down and his semi-hard cock went all the way inside my mouth ...... that was such a turn on especially as I felt it swell inside, getting all hard. After what seemed like ages, but was probably not we stepped out of the shower and to his bed.

I had one aim ..... to play with him and have my hand around his hot cock, squeezed tight so I could feel it throb as he exploded. Well he lay on his back and in minutes he came, all hot and dribbling over my hand .... this made my cock so hard and wanting. Then I was let down, he was tired! I had to have my release so as he had rolled over onto his front I prised open his legs and knelt between them. I could see his arse and balls exposed for all to see. Well I took my cock in hand and started to wank, as it was my first time it didn't last long and when I came I had to stifle my groans of ecstasy, my cum shot right between the crack of his arse and dribbled down over his balls. It seemed a little of a let down as he had cum and that seemed to be it. We got dressed and I left with hardly a word spoken.

Looking back it seemed like it was his first time, I felt like I led the way. Now though I had sampled it I had to have just a little more but that's for another day