Written by Gaz

30 Jul 2018

I went to the local toilet on the outskirts of town as I was going to relieve myself I walked in and the single urinal was taken, there was one toilet which I went in and shut the door. as I started I noticed there was a small hole in the door. and some one was looking through it, I didn't know what to do but just finish and leave. I went out but noticed the man was still at the urinal and he looked over at me. as I went to go to my car I stopped and went back inside he was still there, I shut the door and dropped my shorts and started playing with my cock which got hard, then I saw his eye looking through the hole as I was wanking he knocked, I don't know why but let him in and shut the door behind him. as I turned around he dropped to his knees and started to suck on my cock slowly all the way down to the base, he turned me around and licked my bum hole which I had never experienced before but pulled my cheeks apart so he could do it more, I felt his fingers probe my hole and go in. I was loving the feeling in my arse when he said "suck me as well" I reached for his cock and started to play with it I put it up to my mouth and licked the end and then put it in as far as I could it was the first cock I had in my mouth and I loved the feeling of it. I moved my head back and forth giving him my first blowjob. He said "Come back to mine " I did we stripped off and was in the bedroom he was sucking and licking me all over. when he had me on my back he put his cock up to my hole and slid in slowly I felt he was going to split me in two but when he got past my sphincter he slid right in and was banging away, then his wife came in saw what we were doing dropped her knickers and sat on my face then sucked my cock till I exploded in her mouth,