Written by mountaingoat

12 Jan 2012

Well today was a landmark for me, i finally had a mm meet !

It all started as a normal day, working from home and a bit of trawling the sites for some relief as you do lol. I had alredy had a wank to some stories on here and thought that would be it.

Then a bit later I went on my iphone and looked through a well known gay / bi meet app, and got taking to a local chap. As always it got down to a meeting time but he was at work and the times didn't work with my partner coming home so i thought it was another chat and go.

However, he suddenly said i can get away for a short while, and before i had time to think or bottle out he was parked outside my house.

To say I was nervouse was an understatement, but in for a penny and he was here now. so i invited him in and it all seemed a little awkward.

He however put me at ease and just removed his clothes, i did the same but I being a bit shy left my t shirt on.

He howeveer put me at ease and started feeling my ever growing cock and then took me in his mouth, heaven.

I responded my nerves going now and took him in my mouth, he was uncut which for me was odd but it felt so right, after he told me not to pull back so hard on his skin it was good, after a while of wanking and sucking each other he came big time and so i caried on and came as well.

All a bit tame i think you would say, but for a first meet, in and out in 15 mins and a first it was an eye opener. He just wanted to come have some fun and go back to work , and i had no idea what i wanted.

so after the event ( a whole hour ago ) I want him to come back and we can try new things, can't wait to be fucked and to fuck, maybe if i wasn't too crap for him he will be back, and if he is I will post on here.