Written by Biguy8274

13 Sep 2010

This is my first time writing so go easy on me !!! The names are changed to protect the guilty.

I had met bob on here previosly and sucked his cock for him in an old empty house and then not heard anything from him for awhile so i thought i would try contacting him.

I texted him and asked him if he fancied a repeat of his cock sucking, He texted back later saying did i fancy going to a sauna with him on Weds, I told him i had never been to one and was very nervous about going to one, after abit of banter i agreed to go with him with the promise he would fuck me and maybe force me to suck some cock..

Weds came round and i was really nervous we arranged to meet local and i would follow him there he had already told me i only needed £10 and nothing else as it would be all provided there he also told me on a Weds there was alot of older guys there and they were usually very horny.

We arrived there me still very nervous with bob telling me he was going to enjoy me sucking his cock again and then fucking my arse.

Bob paid for us both to go in and there i was in the locker room nervous as hell with Bob telling me to get undressed so we could go have a shower, I followed him like a little lost boy wrapped in a towel hiding my nervousness walking through seeing loads of older guys sat around wrapped in towels which seemed strange and slightly funny, We showered not touching just getting ready for the fun ahead, I got out of the shower with Bob and he said let me show you the room i bet your looking forward to seeing !

I followed him still like a lost child into a room with some beds with guys naked touching and kissing but that wasnt the room Bob was takeing me too, we walked through into the darkest room i have ever been in with other guys in i could hear them having fun, Bob held my hand and led me to a place where he could sit down and without warning pushed my head to his cock which i happily opened my mouth to suck his cock to hardness.

I was stood bending over sucking on Bobs cock with him pushing my head further down as he got harder in my mouth i was happily licking and sucking his hard cock in my mouth teasing his balls when i became aware of another pair of hands stroking my arse through my towel, Bobs hands were on the back of my head and he moved me so he could remove my towel and play with my now very hard cock and the other hands now stroking my naked arse and stroking my balls.

My eyes were starting to get accustomed to the light or should i say darkness!! and i could see out the corner of my eye with Bobs cock still in my mouth other guys all naked and sucking and playing and the guy stroking my arse being wanked by Bob with his other hand, Bob then moved my head and and fed the hard cock he was wanking into my more than willing mouth !!!!

Bob started to lick and suck my arse whilst still wanking my very hard cock, my head was spinning this was just amazing i felt cheap and i was loving it, Bob started to wet his fingers and push them into my arse and i pushed back onto them whilst still sucking this new cock, i could see other cocks near by so i grabed the closest one and started playing with it there was me sucking a cock, wanking another and Bob playing with my cock and arse, Bob got up and started forecing me to suck other cocks that were around us at the time( not that i took much forceing i was loving this slutty feeling ) i had hands touching me everywhere and i kept having to move hands from my cock because i was ready to explode !!! Bob was now trying to force his very hard cock up my arse whilst i was still sucking and wanking cocks all around me...

Bob must have realised at this point that he wasnt going to get him cock up my arse so he just grabbed my arm and pulled my out of the room telling to get a towel around me he was taking me somewhere abit more private so he could fuck me like the slut i was ( i dont know what was coming over me i had never done anything like this and i was loving him talking to me like this and treating me like this )

We found a room with a couple of little windows in it, Bob locked the door removed our towels and said suck my cock you dirty little cock sucker which i did and he kept telling me what a dirty cock sucker i was and i was loving it..

Bob fucking my mouth hard and he then pulled me up and bent me over and started to tounge and finger my arse getting me ready for what was coming next, He pushed the tip of his cock in my arse taking it slow at first, then slowly pushed his whole length in waiting then started to fuck me picking up a rythem telling me that guys were watching us and was i a cheap slut and all i could say was yes yes yes...

Bob pulled out of me and laid on the bed and told me to sit on his cock so i slowly lowered myself onto him cock whilst he was calling me names telling me how lucky my wife was to have a horny slut like me which made me feel even dirtier Bob talking about my wife whilst his cock was in my arse..

I started to ride his cock kissing him, sucking and stroking his nipples, looking at the little windows seeing the guys outside watching this dirty slut riding cock, Bob then said do you want more cock, Uhmm yes please was my response so he told me to reach over and open the door and suck anyone that came in with out question..

There was me sat on Bobs cock when a couple of older guys stuck there heads in and asked if they could watch or join in ?? Bob then just said to them get your cocks here this slut will happily suck you both..

I didnt have chance to complain or anything as this old fat guy just pulled my head and pushed his cock straight into my mouth and aid suck this then slut, all i could taste was his salty cut cock pushed in my mouth and i could hear adeep moaning sound and i realised it was me !!!

The other guy who came in started kissing Bob and playing with my now semi hard cock whilst Bobs cock was still in my arse ( i wished at that point someone could have taken a picture of me looking like a total cock hungry slut ) wjilst in that room i sucked atleast 4 guys whilst Bobs hard cock was still up my arse..

I got off Bob and started sucking his cock even though it had just been up my arse and i felt dirty and cheap and used and degraded and i was hard again thinking like that and another guy stood behind me with his smaller but still very hard cock resting on my arse, Bob then just said you can fuck him if you like he wont complain and with that i push my slutty arse back to him, He pushed his cock striaght up and fucked my so hard and fast and i was loving it i was being spitroasted and loved it !!!

Bob said he needed to cum and he wanted to cum up my arse knowing i would have him cum up my arse whilst i was back at work in the afternoon, I moved so the cock in my arse came out and stopped sucking Bobs cock, Bob then got me on my back and raised my legs onto his shoulder and pushed his cock straight up my arse not slowly or gently this time and started to fuck me like a cheap slut i now was and said to me suck that guys cock dont leave him frustrated, So the other guy fucked my mouth like Bob was fucking my arse, My head was spinning i felt cheap but amazing !! the guy in my mouth pulled out and then wanked over my face and came all over my chest and chin then just walked out, then after a minute Bob said he was cumming and he was going to fill my arse with his hot cum... and fuck did he cum !!! he collapsed on me kissed me then got up and led me back to the shower to get cleaned up.....

My first visit and it wont be my last... i suprissed myself i loved being treated like a slut and i want so much more of that ( Bob has told me this is just the begining ) i cant wait....