Written by slave_dave

29 Nov 2009

Had the good fortune on Wednesday to meet the man I hope will become my Master. Although as he likes to use both female and male slaves I will have to be very good. To start from the beginning I knew I wanted something different, something harder with an edge so I posted an advert on Gumtree begging for man to use me. I received the usual one line replies from guys who had not even read the advert fully. Then just before lunch came a reply that ran to a couple of paragraphs. The phrases, "Give me your address I will be round to claim what I want this afternoon." and "you looking at the floor. No eye contact unless I let you." leapt out at me.

After a quick exchange of emails I knew this is a guy who knows what is he doing and likes it done his way. He made it clear that while he is looking for slaves of both sexes he wants quality and a good attitude rather than quantity. I ended up agreeing to be naked on my knees at three thirty behind an open front door. The added twist was that the door would not close until the full length of his cock was in my mouth.

Three thirty came and there I was naked on my knees front door ajar excited as hell but at the same time fearful that I would be coming after MP expenses and the Credit Crunch on the local TV news tonight.

The door started to push open and smart pair of dress shoes and suit trousers appeared in front me. I reached up for his belt, carefully undid it and his fly. I slipped my fingers into his waist band and pulled down his trousers and boxer shorts to reveal a beautiful thick cock jutting out from an untrimmed natural bush of brown hair. Despite the cold draught from the still open door I had to pause and admire what was about to happen to me. I leaned forward and took it as deep into my mouth as I could.

Finally he pushed the front door closed. As per the instructions he had emailed me I started to unbutton his shirt while keeping up the suction on his cock. Fuck his cock was getting even harder in my gob making it harder for me to keep it all in. I gagged a couple of times having to swallow back mouthfuls of saliva and pre-cum. The extra lubrication made my job easier and I was rewarded by a hissed, "Nice", from above.

Having reached the top of what seemed a never ending column of buttons my fingers brushed his adam's apple. I pushed his shirt open taking with it his suit jacket and coat. "Man, this guy has broad shoulders", I thought as it took a while before I felt the top half of his clothes fall away to the floor. Being cheeky I started to feel up his chest but my hands were quickly slapped down. He grabbed the back of my head and roughly pulled me deeper onto his cock until I felt his balls against my bottom lip and my nose deep in his hair. He barked the one work imperative, "Suck". Suck I did keeping at it gagging, swallowing, feeling saliva running down my chin onto his balls. I paused to lick and suck his balls clean but again he grabbed my head and slammed his cock down my throat.

I don't know how long we stayed like that me on my knees sucking him thrusting his cock ever deeper into my throat. After a while his balls got tighter against his cock. I could feel them being pushed back as my bottom lip banged into them at the top of each thrust. His cock started feel even thicker in mouth until all of a sudden I was filled with his thick salty cum. He just kept going fucking even harder forcing me to swallow it all down and to milk every drop from him.

He pulled his still hard cock out leaving me feeling as if I had just run a 5k. I stayed kneeling head down staring at the carpet as he dressed himself. He said, "Good Job", then left leaving the front door open and me naked in the cold air.