Written by Hung_kidd

20 Oct 2008

For a long time I have fantasised about being fucked by a man and treated like a slut. I had only ever been with girls before then arount 4 years ago when I was 20 I had been through a dry spell as far as having a girlfriend goes (Around 9 months) and decided that I would explore my fantasy. I posted an add on and was soon innundated with requests for meets. One in particular had my attention he was 48 and lived locally. We were soon sending emails back and fourth and then text messages then a few phone calls. We met some time later in a carpark in Worcester. It was the middle of the day and we sat talking in his car. I remember he had his hand on my leg whilst we talked and he seemed in control and dominant which had me hard and very turned on. He asked me to follow him back to his house for a coffee and I followed him then bottled it and drove away. He rang me and I oppologised he just said it was OK and to take my time. A few weeks later we arranged to meet again. I turned up at his house and he let me in made me a coffee and sat down on his sofa. Again his hand was on my leg and again I was very very turned on. After about 5 minutes he asked me to go into his bedroom. We started to role play that he was a teacher and I was the naughty school boy and I was soon over his knee having my bare arse spanked which I loved so much that when he has finished and my arse was tingling I was harder than I have ever been and my cock was twitching and leaking pre cum. He told me that I had obviously enjoyed that too much and it was obviously not a punishment. He ordered me to take off all of my clothes which I did and then to kneel before him and pull out his cock and suck him. I did so for a few minutes and after he told me it was OK but that I needed to be trained in how to suck cock the way he liked it.

Next I was on the bed and he was rubbing ky jelly around my virgin arse hole. then he hoisted my legs up and over his shoulders and started to nudge my arse, still in role play mode he began to tell me he would teach me a lessson I would not forget then he pushed in it didnt really hurt but was a mixture of a dull ache which soon began to be very pleaurable indeed. He built up speed and was soon grunting and telling me I was his school boy slut, he pulled out and wanked off a few strokes before shooting his hot sticky spunk over my balls and cock. He quickly rubbed the cum into my balls and cock then with a few strokes of my cock made me cum all over myself. This he also rubbed into my cock and balls then told me to put my pants back on .

I had to go home with out combined spunk making all of my legs and pants sticky. He told me he would contact me for another meeting soon but that is for another story

I hope that you enjoyed this - tell me what you think