Written by Bigdickbilad

7 Oct 2010

My first time with a guy came out of the blue. I was 18 and working in a garage at weekends washing cars. There was a professional valeter who came round weekly to clean cars ready for customers. He was 26, blonde skinhead, muscular arms and nice build. He was always chatting and flirting with the girls and I knew from conversation that he was married.

I'd had the odd inkling that I'd like to see another guys cock but was also in a steady relationship with a girl so it hadn't even crossed my mind that I'd get lucky at work!

One day steve, the valeter was working on a car and we were chatting as he cleaned it, he asked me could I pass him some cleaning fluid then asked me if I'd climb into the car to help.

I was leaning over the front seats into the back and trying to clean the seats. He was also in the front doing the dashboard. He began to talk about one of the girls in the office, saying how much he'd love to fuck her etc. I was laughing and getting quite horny thinking about sex when he said he'd need more water. He headed round the back into the old workshop toilets where there was a large sink and taps and where we kept the cleaning stuff.

He was gone around 5 mins when I heard him shout me over. I went into the toilet and he was stood by the sink with his boiler suit opened to the crotch. Clearly bollock naked underneath and with about 8 inches of solid cock pointing straight out.

I couldn't take my eyes off it. He said "get the soap and wash my cock". Mesmerised by this thick tool I grabbed a bar of soap, ran the hot tap and began to soap his cock up. I spent a good 10 mins giving him a soapy wank before he said "I'm gonna shoot", I wanked him faster and he shot a good 7 or 8 thick spurts into the sink.

I was rock hard. He grabbed my crotch and said " you get yours next week". Then casually buttoned up and went back to work.

I was as horny as hell and spent the next week wondering what he would do to me.

I wasn't disappointed!

I'll continue if anyone is interested?