Written by pat Moraz

17 Mar 2007

About a two months ago, one of my best mates was in town for a week. He usually stays in town in a hotel while he's here. I live quite a ways from central London so I usually wind up staying the night with him. We were out on the town and really getting the pints in. To be honest, I had one too many, and Dave suggested I stay over rather than take the long journey home. We got back to his hotel and he coaxed me into having another drink in the hotel bar. After our drink we staggered up to his room. I told Dave I needed a shower to clean up, and sober up a bit. While I was showering I heard him come in to he bathroom to have a piss. I could see him standing over the toilet pissing holding his half erect cock. Now I've always thought about what it would be like to fool around with another man, and seeing Daves cock made mine spring to life. After he finished and flushed, I pretended not to pay any attention to him and kept showering. To my surprise, he just stood there watching me shower. My cock just kept getting harder.

Dave left the room and I got out of the shower and toweled off. I calmed myself down and came out of the washroom to find him lying down on the bed watching the telly. I got onto the bed and we started chatting about this and that and out of the blue Dave told me that he was impressed with what he had just seen. My heart started to race and my cock began to spring to life again. It was obviously noticable, as Dave just grinned, reached down and started to stroke it from outside of my boxers. I did freeze for a moment, then decided that this would be the moment for my first cock. I slid off my boxers and spread my legs so that Dave could have full access to my member and balls. He planted a deep wet kiss on my mouth and started to work his way down my body, licking my nipples, down to my stomach, then finally to my cock. His tongue darted around my swollen head until he finally took my whole member into his mouth. It just felt devine. A this point I just couldn't sit back. I had to get involved, so I turned him over onto his back, straddled his head and started to fuck his mouth for all I was worth. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of his throat until I finally couldn't take it anymore. I shot my load into his mouth. He managed to swallow most of it, but some did seep out down his chin. I immediately used my mouth to clean up my excess cum from his face and neck and made my way down to his cock. Dave layed back with his eyes closed and I spread his legs open wide. I took his throbbind member into my mouth and sucked him as best as I could. He seemed to be enjoying it, as he started to moan, At this point I started to play with his butt hole while massaging his cock with my mouth. This turned him on even more as I managed to get two fingers deep inside of him. At this point I was rock hard again and was gagging to shoot another load. Daves hips started to buck and I new he was almost ready to shoot his load. I kept on fingering his ass, and he suddenly grabbed my head and shot his hot cum into my throat. I managed to take most of his salty sperm. I was so turned on again, that I pulled my fingers from his moist ass, turned him over onto his stomach and forced my cock into his waiting hole. It seemed that he instinctively brought his knees up so he was on all fours which made it easier for me to penetrate him. Here I was fucking my first guy. I managed to ram his ass for a good ten minutes before I pulled out and shot my load all over his ass and back. We both collapsed, full of sweat and cum. Dave and I had a great week together, and now I've got the tatse......and oh what a taste it is !!!!!