Written by 26biboy

13 May 2010

Hi there I'm a 26 year old bi lad, been with plenty of women, I have fantasied about meeting a nice older guy to have fun with. I've done a bit of cruising but just the usual quick suck or wank. I recently joined a gay swing site uploaded my details and started to look around, it wasn't long before I was getting horny looking at the other guys profiles and pictures of their cocks.

I got a message from an older guy who was 55 (just what I like older and assertive) he was looking for a young lad to be his sub slut, I replied explaining that I hadn't had much expeirience but was very willing to learn. We swapped a few messages and he said his wife was out and he could accom for the afternoon, I got his address he only lived about ten mins from me so I jumped in the car and headed over I was so nervous it's one thing meeting some guy in a lay by for a quick suck, but this seemed much more serious, I nearly bottled it but thought what the hell.

He opened the door and let me in and led me to the lounge there was some bi porn playing on the dvd, he told me to sit down and relax and we chatted for a little bit I told him that I would like to be sub. with that he told me to stip down to my boxers he had a good look at me and told me how nice and slimand smooth I was, then we started to kiss Ive never kissed a man but it was such a turn on feeling his rough stuble against my chin. He told me to Kneel down, a knelt in front of me and rubbed the front of his trousers and could feel him hardening, he took his shirt off and I unzipped his flys his cock sprung out and nearly to my eye out we had a bit of a giggle which helped to relax me he slid down his trousers and pants and his cock was semi hard prob about 6 inches but quite thick, I took it in my mouth and it quickly hardened and grew too about 7 inches it was gorgeous and had a lovely big head on it, "Your enjoying that aren't you" mmm yes was about all I managed he started pushing his cock further into my mouth "look up at me and don't take your eyes off mine" he started to slow rock back and forth and fuck my mouth, I was in heaven he took hold of the side off my face and began to speed up I kept breathing and looking in to his eyes. " oh you good little slut take my big daddy cock" I had my hands in my shorts wanking myself as he got faster and faster, he then pulled out of my mouth and said "open wide" He wanked hard then I felt his hot spunk hit my toumge I gagged a little but more kept coming It was all over my face and dripping onto my chest. He rubbed his cock all round my face and said "clean up my cock you little slut" Ilicked him clean and he pushed the last of his spunk into my mouth with his cock.

He then stood me up and slipped me out of my boxers and got me back down onto my knees and elbows, he went behind me and started to open my cheeks MMM hes said " what a lovely little hole" He started to lick and tounge my arse itfelt amazing then he grabbed a tube of lube and started to massage my tight hole and slide a finger in and out, It was not atall painfull he was very gentle, he got a bit faster and then slid in another finger and got faster and harder lifting me up each time he pushed into me. He then said did I want to try his toy at first Ithought he meant his cock, I was so horney I just said mmmm yesss he roled me onto my back with my legs up and grabbed a black dildo with a flat disk on the end he covered it in lube and pushed it against my hole, It was quite large prob about 8 inches and pretty thick. I t slid into me and Igasped I'd never had anythingthat big in me, He pushed it slowly in further I look down watching my tight hole stretching. "you like that don't you you horny slut" and pushed it all the way in "oh yes it feels so good" He started to push in and out slowly but speeding up with every push, I was loving it, He said "right you keep fucking that slut hole" so I took hold of the dildo and began to slide it in out he came beside me and put his semi hard cock in my mouth and started to play with my nipples "ok really fuck that hole of yours you little slut get it ready for daddy's big cock" I was ramming it all the way in then all the way out, it was pretty sore but I coulndt stop.He pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved back between my legs "now for the real thing" He slipped on a condom onto his rock hard cock and as I slid the dildo out he put his cock against my hole and pushed now that hurt but only till his big bell went in.

He slid it all the way in and felt his pubes grind up against me he started of slow but soon built up speed "oh yes what a tight little cunt you have" he was pumping away at me now holding my legs up but together then he got me back onto my hands and knees, His cock felt even deeper in me he started to slap my arse "you love that dont you" oh yes fuck me i said, he had his hand on the small of my back pushing me down further onto his cock and started slamming into me , my arse was on fire by now he was really pounding me then he started to moan and slid his hot cock out of me and stood up "open wide" and he blasted a second load of hot spunk down my throat. He then passed me the dildo back and ordered me to fuck myself until I came this took about 30 seconds I shot my load all over my belly. I got cleaned up and dressed, as I went to leave he gave me a big kiss and thanked me for being a good slut, he said that nexttime we meet he is going to get some slutty clothes for me to wear and invite one of his freinds over so they can both have fun with my arse and mouth I can't wait!!