Written by Terry Allan

16 Aug 2011

Being in a strange town on a course made it a bit easier.I'd for ages wanted to wear girls undies,no idea why I just did,could'nt do it at home.The thought of my family knowing such a thing would be the worst thing possible.Going in the shop was one of the hardest things I'd ever done,but it was 13th February so I reckoned it would look like I was getting things for my girlfriend for Valentines day.The lady in the shop was great making little jokes,probably enjoying making me blush,luckily I'm on the small side myself so looking at the things I knew I could probably wear a size ten and I wanted things to be as skimpy as possible.

I'd already sussed a public toilet where I was going to go and try them on,amasingly enough,I'd never been in a cubicle in a public toilet and was equally niaive about men engaging in gay sex in public toilets,I was about to learn fast.All I could think about when I went in the toilets was finding a vacant cubicle,there were four and one was occupied,two of the others had no toilet seats so I went in the one next to the occupied one.

I did'nt have an erection but I was semi hard in anticipation of doing something I'd longed to do for a long time.I could feel myself shaking as I took the undies out of the bag placing them on the cistern,little knickers,bra and suspender belt,all in a deep pink,the lady in the shops suggestion.I could feel my cock harden as I handled them,I could feel my heart beating in my chest,even though they'd never been worn they smelt sexy.

I started undressing hanging my clothes on the hook on the back of the door,I already had a little wet patch on the front of my underpants where I'd leaked precum,I'd sort that out later.I got some toilet paper from the roll and dried some more precum from my cock which by now was as hard as it could get,jerking and jumping at my touch.

I had'nt even thought about what I was going to do when I had the undies on,it was'nt as if I'd planned to just wank myself off or not,but I knew I did'nt want to get spunk on them,no idea why,just wanted them to be virginal I suppose.I struggled a bit with the bra eventually deciding to connect the straps and put it on over my head,it felt fantastic tight over my nipples,I rubbed my fingers over my nipples through the material.

There was just no way my cock would fit inside the tiny knickers,I did'nt mind because I did'nt want spunk on them,they felt lovely anyway just covering my balls and coming half way up my cock,that was when I realised I was going to wank myself off,I'd never known my cock wanting to spunk like it did right then,I needed to get control..

I put the suspender belt on and adjusted the stocking ties to hang equally down my thighs,the belt formed a framework for my cock standing up and out between the top of the knickers and the belt,I had never in my life felt such complete and utter pleasure as I stood there watching my hand move up and down on my cock,my other hand fondling my nipples through the bra.

I was'nt sure what was happening when I saw a piece of folded paper come through a gap between the brickwork of the partition,at first I just stared at it,then it started to move as if to say its for you,take it.I pulled it all the way through and unfolded it"you are fucking gorgeous" it read,"look through the hole I'm naked and wanking myself,what do you like doing,I'll suck your cock off if you want me to",even before I'd finished reading another note was coming through"I love the undies,turn about a few times let me see all of you,you have a lovely cock".

It was my first gay sexual experience and though my initial reaction was one of confusion the things he was writing about me made me want to hear more,I suddenly realised there would be no point in wearing lovely sexy undies if nobody could see me wearing them.

Within ten minutes or so of reading his first note I was agreeing to him coming into my cubicle,he came in naked with his clothes in a carrier bag,of course we ended up wanking each other off,but for me it was his appreciation of me wearing sexy undies while we did it that was the real thing,I can remember saying to him I did'nt want spunk on them even allowing this was the first time I'd ever had sex with another person,I'd wanked another mans cock and a complete stranger had wanked mine off.