Written by Chobham Ardour

16 Dec 2013

This afternoon feeling horny as hell I ventured to my favourite site near the M3. I walked to the wood by the motorway and was soon joined by another man who wanked with me for a while before removing my shirt and gesturing for me to kneel on the ground and suck him off. This is happily did, but I did not notice another man turn up behind me who proceeded to wank over my shoulder and then ordered me to suck his cock and balls whilst the first man fucked me up the arse. His dominant nature meant that I immediately did as I was ordered, the second man holding my head as he thrust his thick cock into my mouth. As the first guy entered my tight hole I let out a cry, but the second guy said I was enjoying myself and the first guy should carry on, but thankfully he took pity on me and withdrew. At this stage the second guy ordered me to suck the other guys shit covered cock, which I reluctantly did before he ordered me to return my attention to his cock whilst he instructed No 1 to fuck me again. This continued for two or three times until the first guy said he was about to cum and was ordered to direct it towards my mouth. This was followed by the second guys cum. Hopefully when I next go back, I will be able to do the same again.