Written by bob gunn

3 Apr 2013

I am just back from feuterventura after a 2week break in the sun. All went well ,my trips to the beach and the castillio s rewarded me with some very nice but fleeting visits as guys would look in and see me layed out stroking my 8" uncut cock,holding their eyes was the only signal needed to come on in to play. These were all nice and satisfying but 3 days before i left a thickset French guy came to call ! His English was good ,his stubby cock hard and his hands and mouth on me expert ! He had apparently been watching my visits to the beach but said he didnt get too active on the beach and would I like to visit his apartment that evening . You bet! Arrangements made I went back to my digs ,showered, oiled and lubed and added a fair bit of red wine to my meal so that when I arrived at J s I was rareing to go ! J opened the door in just a pair of shorts ,we kissed,his tongue immediately probing my mouth whilst his hands tugged off my shirt and stroked the length of my cock through my thin chinos.After stripping me completely ,not difficult as I only went in two garments+ shoes, we 69 ed on the settee,his massive balls covering most of my face and his fingers pulling my arse open and feeling the lube I had poured in . HE then took me into the bedroom which had a mirror all along one wall . Sinking to his knees he started to stroke and suck me allowing me to watch in the mirror my rigid cock slipping in and out of his eager mouth . I am always turned on by watching as well as feeling sex and boy was I getting both! Even more so as he brought out a steel vibrator and started to work it into my eager hole,soon it was buried well into me. He then pushed my hand behind me so I was then fucking myself whilst thrusting harder into his wet mouth. The sight in the mirror was too much for me to last much longer and when he reached up and pulled hard on my nipples I knew I was over the top . I stuffed even more cock into his mouth then groaned out loud as the first pulses of spunk made him gag,he pulled me out and milked the rest of my cum over his face then putting my still twitching cock back into his mouth he took every last drop out of me. He then pulled me down to his face and proceeded to kiss and tongue me covering my face in my own cum. At this point the vibrator slipped from me J turned me sideways to the mirror so I could watch as his stocky body drove his stubby hard cock into me .The wet slapping looked and sounded great and soon he was on those last strokes when there is no stopping . He quickly pulled out of me pushed me onto the carpet and standing over me he pumped stream after stream of thick come over my chest and face the final spurt hanging down between us in a thin sticky rope.What a sight to look up to and what an evening adventure for a pair of pensionable blokes !! (just had a nice wank reliving this !)